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Hi all, I found out 10 days ago I was pregnant, I took 3 home tests (all positive) and then went to see a doctor who said I definitely was 7weeks pregnant... he didn't do any tests just went on what I said and the 3 home pregnancy tests I took. He said he had referred me to the ante natal clinic and I now must just sit tight and wait for the clinic to contact me.... is this right? Surely I should be seeing a midwife or something as soon as possible as I've not been given any advice on what I should be doing, eating... just feeling really confused about the process?! Thanks....

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Hi congratulations! I found out 13 days ago, i did four test my self. I went to see the GP the next after, he took my first day of last period and asked me if I used clear blue digital to test out. I said yes, it showed 2-3 weeks. My clearblue fertility monitor also show. I am now 6-weeks. GP referred you to hospital, midwife will see you before 10 weeks. You can find all information on NHS website. Hope this helps

Thank you x

Doctors don't test if your pregnant they take your word for it.

Best thing to do is start folic acid daily. Easy and cheap to buy.

Definitely find information online but basically eat healthy as you can. Avoid uncooked meat, unwashed veg, blue cheeses and raw fish. Easy to google about early pregnancy.

Look at the NHS choices websites ... the ante natal section covers everything you need tom know rgarding supplements what to eat etc. Congrats

Yup, that's the process. I'm 16 weeks pregnant. I saw the gp who gave me a quick health check and arranged an 8 week appointment with the midwife. They take your full medical history and some blood and urine to test. It's also your opportunity to ask questions. The next appointment is the 12 week scan where they confirm or amend the due date by measuring the baby. For me, this is when it started to feel real.

Join Emma's diary and Bounty online and download their apps. They will give you lots of information about the whole process as well as a few freebies along the way.

Good luck and congratulations!!!

Thanks so much ladies x

Congratulations and I do get you. It would be nice to hear from an authority such as a doctor what is best to do and eat even if they'd suggest to google it, instead of being given no advice at all. It makes you wonder.

Avoid vitamin A rich foods too and all the best.

I was recommended to take a pregnancy multivitamin with everything in you might need.

First midwife appointment should be around 10 weeks then at that they put you in the system to get scanned at 12weeks and 20weeks. They give you a folder with all the information in on when you'll have appointments And scans at that initial booking appointment.

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