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GP don't care to take Blood test

Can someone advice me please...

Am always regular with my period. Now 8 days late ,no symptoms, negative test. But with white discharge for the past 4 days now and then.. I went to GP to ask for blood test and they ignored it and asking me to wait. They didn't even answer when I asked how long should I wait. Am really freaking out as I always feel NHS GP just ignores me. Doctor says its unlikely to be pregnant now. if so ,why can't they examine further. why she just say me to carry on...

I have booked my ticket to India for 1 month and flying on Aug 30, 2 flights is 8 hour and 3 hours, Returning Oct 1st. What should I do, if I get positive by god's grace should I cancel my ticket, I need at least a week to get my reasonable money back ? My parents would never allow me to travel if i get positive result. I just don't know what to do. If I get a positive in India, Will it be OK to fly back.

I thought taking blood test would give some peace of mind but My GP doctor says No Need as I get -ve urine test. This is really driving me crazy and crying like anything. I cant drive and I've already heard so many horn sounds as am not concentrating much on road.

Please help....

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8 days late and a negative result probably indicates your not pregnant unless you are not taking a test specifically for early pregnancy. Check the instructions as each test tells you what day they can detect after your period is due.

Not sure you'd get much of a refund from a flight due to being pregnant unless you've got travel insurance or bought on a credit card that includes it.

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Am testing with early pregnancy test, it says it should detect 5 days before missed period.

Anyways let me wait this week, waiting really kills me like anything.. I just need either positive or my period. If nothing turns I should go for complete scanning/test in India. Thanks for your reply.


Good luck x


It's normal to miss a period occasionally, especially when stressed or not eating properly.

No harm in travelling if pregnant amd you probably wont get a refund just because you're pregnant. I personally wouldn't tell my parents until I'm 12 weeks pregnant.


Thanks for that....I never ever missed my period in my life time. I always eat healthy ,don't know whats wrong this month. I am definitely stressed ,I think i need to chill and let the things happen by its own. I think that's a good idea of keeping with me until 12 weeks , but you know I am terrible hiding secrets,,, will see.. Thanks for that


I agree with Georgina D that's its normal to miss periods occasionally when stressed / not eating properly. It's also ok to travel when pregnant - just stay hydrated and move around on the plane.

Tell people when you are ready to tell people, don't feel you have to stick to waiting until 12 weeks. We lost ours at 11 weeks and I was glad we'd already told our parents as it made it much easier to tell them what had happened. It also meant they had a special secret themselves which made it fun while it lasted x

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Thanks so much for that... and sorry about your loss.

Did you tried pregnacare conception tablet ever? I just saw online it might make period delay, I had a perfect cycle and this month 9 days late which never ever happened to me..I think i messed with it..


Thank you 😊

I haven't tried pregnacare. I have been taking folic acid with a multivitamin from Aldi whilst trying. I then moved to Superdrug's pregnancy vitamins when I was pregnant. Back on the Aldi tablets again at the moment. Also started taking maca powder which is meant to help with women's hormones.

I hope you get some answers soon!

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Ok Thanks for that.I have ordered maca powder , going to start adding in my smoothies...and am going to stick with simple folic acid...Ya I need some answers,at least my period. Am going to meet my parents after 2 years and I cant be happy with these things in my mind...I hope they should not feel my pain. Let me wait then. Thanks for your reply.


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