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Polyhydramnios - a bit nervous!

Hi all,

I am a FTM and completely unprepared!

I am currently 34 weeks and 3 days. I had a growth scan at 33 weeks and 6 days, and was told that I had polyhydramnios, and that my baby was estimated as 7lb 8! I have been booked for a further scan at 36 weeks 6 days to see if it's still an issue and any next steps. At a midwife appointment yesterday I was measuring 37 weeks, I am concerned about this, but everyone seems to be very calm about this but that we may be meeting the baby sooner than the 15/8 and to get my bag ready now.

Has anyone experienced this? I will now be staying as close to home as possible in case things start earlier than expected!

Thanks Katie

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I've also been tested for GD and the levels were normal


In my last appointment on week 36 at midwife my bump measured as 90 petcentail and 3 weeks ago (w39+4) I gave a birth to a baby weighing 6lbs2oz and not a nearly 10lbs as expected!

Great idea to have bag prepared - just in case, so you feel more prepared and in control!

All best,x


Oh goodness, thank you! Im hoping it's me who is huge, not him to the extent where it could cause issues, so that size is good to hear. I will hopefully get the bag packed this weekend, and will just make sure I'm close to the hospital just in case. Thank you for responding, it's much appreciated.

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Hi on my 37+4 scan I've been diagnosed on polyhydramnios. I'm so scared about my baby. Tomorrow I will get the results of Torch blood test to exclude infections. Also I have appointment with consultant to discuss next steps. Everything is in God hands, I just want for my baby to be healthy. My baby boy weight is 2800 grams so he is very small as other babies in this stage. Hopefully is just this 50% unknown reason for increased fluids.


I really hope everything is OK, it's very worrying but at least it's been identified and investigated so hopefully you will get more insight tomorrow xxx


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