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Hi. I'm new here in this community and in this country for 9 mounths. I made an IVF on 8th May abroad and I come back here where I'm living now. I made one pregnancy urine test few days and it's positive. My next step it was to go to GP to tell that and she gave me the midwife number , and that' all.please if someone can help me what are the steps. I must to see a gyn now? When I will have my first screening and midwife is the one that is doing the screening or who? If the pregnancy is still there I will have like 3 weeks, becouse today I saw I have some brown leaks, with who I must to speak , the GP said to ring midwife in 8 weeks is normal that nobody to see me all this time?

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For the uk nhs system, The first midwife appointment ideally should be by 10 weeks with the first scan at 12-14 weeks. I think the Reason is that if anything goes wrong up to 12 weeks there is nothing they can do.

Midwife would be the main contact for you throughout the pregnancy and they don't bring in a gyn unless you are a high risk pregnancy.

Brown discharge could be old blood and therefore ok. Bright red fresh blood is a cause for concern.

I had ivf and my clinic did a 6 week heartbeat scan but they do not offer this on the nhs. You could get this done privately at a cost to you if you are worried. If you Google early pregnancy scan you should be able to find something local to you. We had one at 8 weeks for reassurance I think we paid £90.

Many thanks for your answer, when did you had your IVF, it's everything ok? Good luck 😇

Egg collection was 10th march so I'm 13+2weeks and going well so far :-)

I'm happy for you, even I don't know you, but I know what means for me and my husband to have a child, and I suppose it's the same for you. I hope to be everything ok also with my pregnancy. What test you've done till now? Why did you count 13+2 weeks, sorry if seems to be a stupid question .

13 weeks and 2 days I guess the days won't be as important soon but I'm counting them down as 13 weeks 6 days is the second trimester.

What do you mean by tests? I've had a 6 week scan with the ivf clinic, 8 week scan privately and 12 week scans looking at probability of any chromosomal issues.

I meet with the midwife again at 16 weeks and another scan at 20 weeks.

By test I mean scans and other blood tests or anything else. I don't know anything about uk Health system and what a pregnant girl must do. I made an IVF abroad last year, but it was a lost pregnancy at 2 weeks after transfering the embryons, and because we still have 3 frozen we transfer on 8th May this year another two. And after I must to come back in uk because we both, me and my husband work hear. And I have also some complications, bicorn uterus, thrombofylia , And I don't know to much about pregnancy and what to fallow like a pregnant lady, I have problems to take my medications becouse my prescription it's from abroad and till now nobody wants to prescribe those pills here, Even by low a prescription writed abroud is legal to be buyed from every European Country, but we still buy them from abroad and send meds by royal mail, I' m very stress with all but I hope to be everything well in the end, I try from this Kind of cummunity to understand and fallow what is wright.

Oh dear that sounds complicated. Some medications are to be avoided in pregnancy. At the first midwife appointment they go through past medical history and medications etc whilst they make your assessment. Maybe you can check with your ivf clinic if the medication is safe to still take? Good luck with it all.

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