Asprin in Pregnancy

Hello Ladies! I have been told by my midwife that I should start taking 1 asprin tablet a day de to me being overweight to help keep my blood thin and avoid pre-eclampsia but I have just had an article pop up on my baby centre app about the bad effects on taking asprin can have to the baby.

has anyone else had to take this throughout their pregnancy? I am 14 and a half weeks now so wondered what others experiences of it were?

thanks so much!

Bea xx

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Hi there, this probably isn't much help, so sorry in advance! It's just personal experience. On the checklist it asked about pre-eclampsia, I said my mum had had this with me and just because of that they wanted me to take aspirin from week 12 to birth.

When I spoke to my doctor he was less concerned about it and said, take it if you want to, don't if you don't want to. It's guidance at the end of the day. He said that taking aspirin is not a guarantee that you won't get pre-eclampsia. I'm on meds for something else and was sure years ago I was told not to take aspirin with this, so I've not taken it to be honest...hoping I don't regret that. I a) don't want to take more meds than I need to b) have never taken an aspirin in my life and c) my mother and I have completely different bodies, so I don't think just cause she had it, means I will get it. My doctor didn't seem to think it was necessary. Obviously your situation is slightly different, so I would gain a second opinion if you have concerns or are unsure?

Maybe speak to your doctor as well. I think sometimes the midwifes can have a 'one size fits all approach' whereas your doctor will look at it on a more personal level?

I know loads of women who take aspirin in pregnancy and their babies were fine.

I think you need to ask yourself:

What are my risks of getting pre-eclampsia?

Will aspirin reduce my risk?

How would I feel If I got pre-eclampsia and I wasn't taking aspirin?

What are the risks of pre-eclampsia?

It's your choice, just try and make an informed one. Many women can't even maintain a pregnancy without aspirin, I'm sure the NHS wouldn't be recommending if it was harmful.

As I have varicose veins and am 40, my consultant prescribed me aspirin and Clexane (1 injection a day from 28 weeks) to prevent blood clots. After doing some reading up about it I told them that as I am still breastfeeding my 2 year old I wouldn't be taking it as there is a risk of Reye's syndrome. Despite being told I should probably give up breastfeeding (not going to happen until she is ready!!) I am sticking with my decision not to take it. I'm now 35+3 weeks so it won't be too long now.

I don't think there is any risk to your baby if you do take it as a precaution but I would advise doing some research before making a decision to take it or not. Definitely speak to your GP about any concerns you have.

Because my mum had preeclampsia with me they recommended I take it after 12 weeks. Hadn't thought about it till I saw this post as at the moment I'm just happy to get to the 12 week milestone on Friday.

I also had to take aspirin throughout my pregnancy due to the same reason as you and also the fact that my mum had pre-eclampsia too. I read that the effects on the baby were only a risk if you took them during the 3rd trimester so I stopped taking them at that point just to be on the safe side xx

That's normal, it'll be the 75mg ones your asked to take. It's not enough to even touch a headache but it'll just keep blood thin. I was on them my entitv2nd pregnancy due to a late miscarriage with my first son at 21wks. It's completely safe as long as you only take the low dose ones 75mg and not the 200mg you'd take for a headache etc..

The midwife did mentioned about taking aspirin but since I have no problems of pre eclampsia so no need to take them as long as I remain mobile as much as I can to avoid it.

I had to take aspirin every day and also do daily injections through my last pregnancy. My little man was perfectly healthy x

Yes that's correct I've been told the same.. My midwife did me a prescription for mine and I got told I have to take extra folic acid too hun x

Thank you all so much for your replies, when I saw the list of risks I got myself into a little tizzy so thought I would see other experiences of it. I am off to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription today :-) xxx

Hello Bea, I took child aspirin (75mg) every day from the beginning of my pregnancy since when I was four months pregnant. A gynaecologist (private clinic) had prescribed me it since I had had a miscarriage before and apparently taking aspirin can reduce the risk of miscarriage.

My daughter is now 2 months old. We will never know if this is thanks to the aspirin, in any case, even for different reasons, I did take aspirin every day for months (and I did not have any side effects) so I thought it was worth sharing my experience. It was child aspirin though, not the one for adults. Good luck.

Hi bea like you I was also put on aspirin for being overweight I started taking it when I was 15 weeks and I'm now 27 weeks have had no problems with it and will continue to take it until my little boy makes an appearance in august I also read about the issues of aspirin and it does worry you but I can honestly say I don't even worry about it anymore I just thought these people are professionals and know what there doing and why I need to take it just enjoy your pregnancy 😊Your health and the little one is more important p.s you forget your taking it eventually

Em xx

I know this thread is 4 months old but any advice would be welcome. I know alot of you ladies took asprin but I have been put on 150mg a day, was anyone here on that dose?xx

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