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Deflated boobs

I have two children one born 2012 so his 4 and one born 2016 she's one. Anyway I didn't breast feed either of them now my breasts look really Deflated and saggy ! It's dreadfully I hate it so much it actually really gets me down considering I have small boobs any way it looks even worse now they have Deflated more 😩 any one else have same problem and any idea how I can gain my confidence back..

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Unfortunately breast changes are part of having children for some people. I breastfed my LO till 14 months as soon as a stopped by boobs disappeared. I don't think there is a magic wand to gain confidence back with this regards. Wearing certain clothes and a good bra will help. Trying to focus on other things other than your breasts, I.e. you children, or trying other things like exercise and yoga etc just to get you in a better mind frame.

Obviously there is surgery too, but I do think this should be a last resort, as 1. It's expensive and v. Unlikely to be covered via NHS 2. It comes with risks and complications

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