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Is this implantation bleed.


Hi guys need some advice. I ovulate almost 2 weeks ago and am due to start my period tomorrow according to my Ptracker. I have been feeling ill since last week like really hot stomach cramps especially this week. Swollen books. Now today I wipe myself and there was a slight pinkish brown on the tissue (sorry for the graphic description). Lol. Then there was nothing there. Already took like 8 test as am loosing my mind include 2 clear blue digital that says not pregnant. Did I test to early and could that be implantation bleed or my period starting early I also have really bad headaches. It would have only been less that 2 weeks since I had sex and ovulate.. anyone has had similar experience please

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I had a similarish experience. With my first pregnancy I got really bad optical migraines and was really sick. About 1 week before my period was due I had an optical migraine and was sick, so thought I might be pregnant (it's the only time I'd ever had them). I took a test but it was negative, so thought nothing of it. About 3 days after my period was due (they'd been negative up to then), I took another test and it was postive. I'm now 28 weeks pregnant. So you never know, it could be an early sign. Good luck x

SEXYB2017 in reply to hayley_m86

Well I think i started today but I honestly feel pregnant. Yesterday up to today there was only light pinkish brown now its a little heavier and a bit more red. I will wait and c but this headache I can't shift and my breast are so swollen I can hardly walk down my stairs. Will take another test next week

Could be either implantation bleed or pregnancy... wait a few days to retest. Symptoms don't necessarily mean you are pregnant as they are non specific and can hormonal related anywyas.

SEXYB2017 in reply to roxannacar

Will do as its a color has changed my flow is a bit more

Dokazz in reply to SEXYB2017

Please could u tell me what happened with you? I was feeling pregnant with all symptoms, cramps , lower back pain , nausea, headache, tired, smell sensitive , but before my period due , i had painful cramps with bleeding like period but the color is brown and light red or pinky . I’m afraid I’m not pregnant.

CVDB in reply to Dokazz

Can you let me know what happened. Having the same symptoms

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