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Has anyone got any tips that will help us get pregnant?

My husband and I have been trying for a baby for just over a year now. I have PCOS so we are expecting it to take a little longer but just wondered if any of you had any ideas as to what would help us get pregnant or anything you think we should be avoiding whilst trying to conceive.

Thanks in advance 😊

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Hi if I am honest I know nothing about PCOS but Me and partner for 5 years before I had a miscarriage last year 😥 After the miscarriage I was determined to get pregnant again very quickly. I would definitely recommend clearblue ouvlation tests, thought I was ouvlating day 13-15 I was so wrong didn't ovulate until day 19. Also when partner went to doctor he said that the sperm needs time to regenerate so us doing it 2-3 times a day from day 10 of cycle wasn't going to work as when ouvlation day comes round sperm wouldn't be at its best, he said to do it every other day. Also this sounds super gross but I really think it worked for me when we knew I was ouvlating we would do it last thing at night and instead of me standing up and 'cleaning up' I just cleaned up sperm that was already on outside and stayed lying down-it really is gross. After miscarriage I had a normal period then used ouvlation tests and that same month fell again (currently 39 weeks and 5 days). Hope this helps xx


Hi x

Have you tried complementary therapies such as Reflexology? It might need a few sessions but it might help :)

Good luck xx


Acupuncture is very good!


Hi there, well good luck for a start. I don't know anything about PCOS either. Got a few tips though - get fit, quit smoking if you smoke, be in the healthy weight category BMI if you can, don't drink alcohol when trying to conceive (either of you!), take a multi vitamin and a high dose of vitamin D (Google this...!) - I was taking 4000 IU (but for a totally separate reason - for immune system over winter) but I think this really, really helped us. Have a healthy diet. Make sure and take folic acid prior to getting pregnant too. As Rebecca says too, don't stand up too soon (!)...I think it's mainly about being as fit and healthy as you can be - being in the best shape you can be and adapting the above advice to suit you.

Good luck xx

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Have you tried having sex while your laying on your side? Do not stress about it enjoy sex. Do not jump up after he cums inside. Don't use lube or douches. A friend told me if you both get off at the same time that would help. Have sex every other day also. But don't make it like a chore just relax and have fun.



I have PCOS too and now I have a gorgeous 3 months old little man.

I've been taking contraception (the pill) for several years for helping with the PCOS. When we decided get pregnant, stopped taking the pills and my doctor recommended start taking Metformin - which is used for diabetes issues and I'm insulinoresistant.

I got pregnant after a month of stop taking contraception.

As its been +1years you've been trying, I would recommend you to go to your doctors as they will help. Hey might make you a scan in your ovaries (they made me one to confirm I had cysts in my ovaries).

Also, apart from the medical/technical bits I would recommend you to relax. I understand it might be difficult and having PCOS can make you think you're unable conceive and this thoughts can bring you down and make you feel guilty and bad with yourself. I've been so scared for many years thinking I could never have children and carried loads of anxiety. Rely on your partner as this is something that both of you will be doing.

To sum up, as with PCOS is difficult to know when you're ovulating, so I won't recommend to use ovulation tests, etc. I bought a saliva test in amazon called Ovotel and worked perfectly for me and is very easy to use - I cannot recommend it enough!.

Hope this helps! As I cannundestand perfectly your frustration.

Best of the better wishes!



Sorry, the saliva test is called Ovatel:



I know it sounds really strange but go on the pill for a month or 2 and then stop. I have polasistic ovaries and endometriosis and a friend recommended it and it worked. try it u have nothing to loss


Ok so ive heard alot about the pill lately and i was just wondering whice 1 or if there is like a specific 1 as im not familiar with contraceptives.


I tried a lubricant called pre seed which is meant to mimic natural lubricant that supports the travel of sperm to your egg. Other lubricants can act as a barrier. The first time I used it I got pregnant. Good luck xxx


I had been diagnosed with PCOs in my early 20s. But how fertile I really am depends on many factors. I always had severe period pain and a cycle of 33-47 days long. But all 4 times I got pregnant from one intercourse. Not trying for it is when it happens. Just like with relationships. I always did have a healthy diet and weight too. Good luck.


I took for years Agnus Castus and primrose oil. My period cycle became more normal and regular and I hadn't fewer or none cysts on my ovaries


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