7days late and positive but no pregnancy symptoms !

um 7days late and my home pregnancy test is positive. I've tested 3times in two days and all the test were positive but um not having any pregnancy symptoms :(

could it be a false positive??

um really worried..what should i do now?

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  • It's probably too early to be having symptoms. Might started at 6 weeks. Some people don't have any symptoms at all throughout and that normal.

    You need to call to your gp surgery and find out how to book in with your midwife. Make sure you're taking folic acid (part of pregnancy vitamins), avoid alcohol, smoking and have a look at NHS website for foods to avoid

  • Thank u soo much such a relief..um really worried of miscarriage bcoz ths is my first pregnancy.

  • Congrats about baby!

    And about no symptoms: consider yourself lucky! :) x

  • Thanks hun :)

    all the articles i have gone through everyone having symptoms less or more so was worried about it :(

  • I always had sore breasts 2 weeks before my next period (exactly when I ovulate it started) so the sore / big/ hard breast continued once I missed my period but had no other visible signs either (some women get hungry, some tired or cramping but not me). Then week later I was spotting a bit (on /off) , and then on week 8 I started to feel nauseous and it was so bad that I just stayed in bed for 8 weeks :(

    I'll pray for you and your baby!x

  • thats sad :(

    thanks and i'll also pray for u and ur little one :)

  • I had no symptoms whatsoever for first few pregnancies. None! This pregnancy I just felt very tired at 4 weeks then missed my period.

    Most of my friends had no symptoms too and were worried if they were actually pregnant. For reassurance they had hcg blood tests just to check their beta levels and then again two days later to see they are rising and the pregnancy is progressing as it should be. Good luck. All will be well in sha Allah x

  • thanks :) need a lot of courage um really worried i took doc's appointment but its next week...and ths week wiil be a tragedy to pass :(

  • The best thing you can do is ask for your bloods to be checked and, in due course an early scan, say at 5-6 weeks.

    in my own experience, with many years of ups and downs trying to conceive, the biggest thing I have learnt is that stress is harmful to you and any foetus. If a miscarriage is going to occur then I believe that is in God's hands. This is something you cannot change. Trust me, I have tried.

    What you can do make good duas and try to keep yourself busy and distracted to lower your stress levels. As I say, stress is harmful for you and no good for foetus. Too much cortisol is not good and is to be avoided.

    Lack of symptoms is nothing to worry about especially in your first pregnancy, when you are young!

  • I am currently 17 weeks pregnant. I only felt exhausted in the first trimester but that started at around 5 weeks. And I cramped for about 2 weeks at 5-7 weeks. Nothing other than that. You may be lucky like me. Congratulations!!! :)

  • thanks :) pray for us

  • when was your periods due coz i have the same problem today it my eight day late i was suppose to start last week but nothing but i haven't took the test yet

  • 12th april and we was planning for a baby so i took the test early

  • No such thing as false positive. Pregnancy tests are sensitive to a hormone called HCG which is high when a woman is pregnant. Not all woman are sick or exhausted and even then it usually kicks in week 6-8.

    Realistically 20% of conceptions become miscarriages. There's nothing you can do and most of the time it is a chromosomal defect. Just enjoy everyday and don't worry about something that might not even happen x

  • thank u :) um really worried ppl says so many things and um really afraid of miscarriage :(

  • the tests are pretty reliable these days. It's a bit too rarly for symptoms - they usually start at about 6-8 weeks. Wait a couple of weeks n make an appt with ur gp/midwife to get booked in for antenatal care. U could always put a urine sample in at ur gp for another pregnancy test

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