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Help? pregnant? Spotting and a negative test?

Hello Friends,

I hope you guys can help! I have been having unprotected sex but have never got pregnant due to pcos, however for the first time ever I was 3 days late for my period ... I took a test just in case and it was negative. The next day I had a bit of light spotting (very dark sticky blood) which I have never had before. It's now well over 2 wks late and the spotting stopped after a day or two? I'm so confused and want to know is it normal to be early pregnant and have a bit of spotting? Is light spotting indicative of a miscarriage? I am absolutely exhausted and feel offish? .... Hard to explain but I don't feel right? Can anyone advise ... I don't want to get everyone's hopes up if it's just me making an incorrect assumption! I am really worried about this small light spotting?

Please help and thanks in advance for your comments,

30+ and just confused!

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Hi sorry it can be such a confusing time. You could be pregnant and have implantation bleeding. If so your hcg levels should continue to rise so take another test. It might have just been too early before. Otherwise the bleeding could also be a sign of a chemical miscarriage so do t rule that out either xxx xxx

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