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I have a feeling of calmness in my pregnancy - what is this feeling :)

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16 weeks and 4 days, and after my 16 week check yesterday, I feel a sense of calmness. I dont know if it was reassurance of hearing the heartbeat, or my midwife saying how wriggly he/she was, but today I feel blessed and excited to be pregnant, and not overly worried.

I explained a feeling I have had the last couple of week's and my midwife said that might be flutters of baby kicks, which is exciting, and soon they will come - let's just hope the first clear strong kick isnt halfway through my best friend's wedding ceremony in 3 weeks time lol.

4 weeks until 20 week scan, and then I am halfway there! :)

for the first real time in 16 weeks, I am so smiley and excited about growing a little person inside of me!

Happy Wednesday all :) xxx

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Bless you Hun. Wish I could tap into that positive energy too. I'm a bag of nerves and worry and all I do is cry.

Enjoy every moment. Sure baby will be dancing away at the wedding too. All the best😘

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Oh that isnt a nice way to feel, \(",)/ (this is a hug).

How far along are you? and what are you worrying about? xxxx

Me too - I am so calm and collected like never in my life 😍

Enjoy the kicks!x

when they turn into real ones and it is digging my ribs, I shall not complain :)

We are 29 weeks and not that bad kicking yet :) though very active baby 👶

Hi! Congratulations! I am 17 weeks today and had a private scan yesterday to reassure myself as the midwife didn't listen in on baby at my 16 week check :( I was so so worried before as I haven't felt any movement yet and my bump is non-existent, but now I'm over the moon as everything looks healthy so far, I found out we're expecting a boy and I finally got to hear his little heartbeat!

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that is so exciting that you have been fortunate enough to find out already! It is so lovely having a listen isnt it? My bump popped out more of late, it literally happened overnight, those size 10 jeans dont want to do up anymore lol.

Have you and OH thought about names etc?

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The amount of relief I feel now I know everything's going okay made it worth every penny! Originally we were going to keep the gender a surprise but we could see his little nuggets as soon as he popped up on the screen hahaha. We're pretty happy 'cause there's loads of boy names we like, but we've decided on Lars 😊 although that may change when he's born and doesn't look like a Lars!

I keep checking to see if I've grown yet, I get so excited when I'm bloated but it just disappears the next day haha. I can't wait to be fat!

I hope the next few weeks go really quickly for you til you get to see baby again!

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