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20 year old student and pregnant, help!

just found out i'm pregnant after being in hospital all week with a suspected ectopic pregnancy and i'm really looking forward to my baby being on the way. I'm currently in my 1st year at uni and have been with my partner over 2 years but I have no idea how to start planning, if I need to take vitamins, is there any financial support I can get, what i can/cant eat, any advice would be greatly appreciated xx

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Congrats!! Vitamins:the nhs website says its best to take folic acid when pregnant, along with some vitamin D there are some vitamins you shouldn't take in pregnancy, best thing to do is take a pregnancy vitamin that way you get what's recommended, pregnacare would probably be the best one, however there are other ones out there. With foods not too eat,. There are quite a few from certain types of cheese to pate, and caffeine best thing to do us look up the nhs website, then click on health A-Z find pregnancy under P, it's a great website with everything you need to know about from foods, exercise, sex in pregnancy and so on. As for financial advice this is something I know very little about as my partner is working and we can make do, but best to go to citizens advice and find thier benefits calculator this will give you a little advice on what you may be able to get. With regards to planning I would get first 12 weeks out the way first, just get your head round things, not just that but you will soon (if you haven't already) get a few symptoms, there's tons of time for planning after this point! however some people find out and the same day go out and start buying bits to spread the cost, but again this is something that can be done after 12 weeks I didn't start buying anything or planning until after my 20 week scan as I was paranoid that I would have another miscarriage. Sorry bout by long message there's just tons of info out there, take a look at Nhs website this will help you loads, let me know what you think. Best wishes and congrats again, Rebecca xx

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If u are UK based have a look at the gov.uk website it will show you if you are entitled to any benefits. You might also be entitled to "Healthy start" if you fit the criteria. Probably citizens bureau might have more info about it too.

Have a look at the NHS website it will give you a list of things you can/can't eat.

Try and get your partner and family on board, as financial support is only one aspect of having a child. Also I'd speak to the university re time out etc and your options


There will be child benefits and child tax credits once the baby is born. You may be entitled to maternity allowance or income support but this may depend on how much money you've recieved from your student loan and whether or not the father will be involved. I would recommend you go onto entitledto.co.uk and the gov.uk website for more iinformation. In regards to health and wellbeing I would highly recommend the nhs website. You can also download a free app called Bounty Pregnancy. It tells you your baby's progress each week and has articles with advice and support.


You will fine!! I'm a student but luckily Igot pregnant in my third year.

Some uni have a hardship fund you can apply for, but you don't need to tell them your pregnant. If you have a student support office go there and they should advice you best.

The vitaimins are only cheap from any chemist, make sure to take folic acid also! Stay away from soft cheeses, alcohol, certain fishes. It's hard at first but it becomes second nature!!

Congratulations xx


U will have to take.prenatal vitamins some doctors can.prescribe folic acid pills for u u will have to go for blood ect as for food.my Dr has told me not to eat anything spicy but it all depends.in ur Dr congratulations on finding out


Please feel free to PM me hun. I am 24 and had my little girl in my final year of uni so I know what you're going through 😘

To make you feel a little better, I was completely supported throughout the whole journey. My little girl is now 2 and a complete bossy boots, and I have a great career which is completely supported by my wonderful husband.

You can do this! Whatever you decide to do, you're not alone 😊 x


Hi. Your post was a little concerning to me as you said you were in hospital with a suspected ectopic pregnancy. I hope they have figured out everything is fine, that it's not ectopic, and you can start planning.

The advice already noted is great and I won't repeat it. The only thing I will mention is folic acid. If you have a higher BMI then you will need 5mg dose which a GP can prescribe. It's also worth discussing your options with your uni as you will need to make provision for time off and what options are for your credits etc if you decide to take a longer break from your studies.

All the best.


You can't get income support if you are in full time education but may be an idea to talk to the uni about what you want to do in regards to course work hours etc then look at that. You will get tax credits child benefit for the baby. You won't get maternity allowance unless you have been in a paid job for so many weeks before the baby arrives or you have enough national insurance contributions. Maybe worth enquiringly anyhow incase that's wrong. Hope it all goes well for you x


Sorry to disappoint you but ectopic pregnancies are not viable and could be life threatening for you. If it is an ectopic pregnancy, you will need to have the pregnancy terminated. Dr will tell you that. It cannot be saved.


Sounds very much like my situation. I am now nearing the end of my pregnancy but like you I had a suspected ectopic pregnancy and was about to start my first year of university when I found out I was pregnant. Sadly I had to drop out of university but this was mostly due to baby's father being unsupportive - I think I could have managed it if her dad agreed to look after her on the days I was in. However he wants nothing to do with her so that's the way it's gone.

I wouldn't worry about planning so much yet as in buying things as it's very early days.

You will need to take prenatal vitamins like pregnacare which you can buy in places like boots or a pharmacy or you can go to your GP and they will prescribe you what you need.

You will be entitled to financial help but without knowing the ins and outs of your financial situation I can't say exactly what. Speak to citizens advice bureau and they should be able to give you more advice. You should also get financial support from student finance to help with childcare.

A list of foods to avoid is available on the NHS website - nhs.uk/chq/Pages/917.aspx

Hope this helps and if you need a chat just message me!!

Big hugs xx


Good luck :) I studied my degree at Oxford Uni a few years ago and a student couple had a baby in their second year when I was there. It all worked out - they lived in halls/student apartments and they were able to sort out friends to help them look after their baby while they needed to be at lectures/studying etc. Their baby seemed to be very happy with all the attention he got too! If they could do it (and with an Oxbridge workload), so can you xx


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