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Advice Needed

My daughter is 11 years old and is currently in Year 6, she is extremely worried about her SATs and no matter how much i comfort her and work with her at home on things she gets stuck on she gets very angry and stressed. Lately she has had problems retaining any information and has started to get her grammar, punctuation and capital letters all confused and gets angry with herself. Could this be a sign of stress? Does anyone have any tips?

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Hi there, my daughter went through exactly the same last year. She is in high school now. She actually made herself sick she was so stressed about it. It's horrible to watch I know. One thing that worked for us and the only thing that worked after weeks of her stressing out and being almost phobic of the tests was to say to her. Don't worry how you do, just try your best and it's not a test on you. It's a test on your school and teachers to see how well they are doing their jobs. It was as if something clicked in her head and a big weight was lifted off her shoulders. She then relaxed completely about it.


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