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Pregnancy massage - pregnancy table with a hole?

Hello everyone,

I hope this is ok to post... I've been on here for 4 years now, throughout the pregnancies of my two children and beyond. During that time I've shared my own experiences and have provided answers to others asking questions.

I am hoping to receive some feedback from some of you as I am trying to do a little research into pregnancy massage. If it is allowed (?) I will post a link to a roughly 2 minute survey, otherwise I'd appreciate just some comments on here.

I am now a massage therapist, focusing on pregnancy massage and am doing some research into whether pregnancy massage can/should be done using a special table with a cut out hole (I had dozens of those massages during my pregnancies and LOVED them), or whether they are not good (as it is claimed by many, but which I didn't know until after I had my babies!).

Would you consider a pregnancy massage on such a table? Or not? Why? Why not? Have you had such a massage before? Did you enjoy it?

I'd really appreciate some feedback if you have a second.

Here is the link to my survey:

Many thanks!

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I've never had a pregnancy massage but I so would as I had a professional massage a few years ago and it was soooo good! I also had a Thai massage last year and honestly never again! I was covered in bruises all down my back after it and it was the so painful. She yanked at my legs and I have a dodgy hip (which I told her about) and I had back problems for months after. She properly beat me up lol x

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Thank you :-)


I heard there's like a sitting massage chair for pregnant women... The woman sits in it and has a head rest and stuff

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