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12 week scan nightmare

I finally removed my implant in March 2016. I finally fell.on in November. I was 12 weeks and 3 days I had to go to A &E on Thursday due to bleeding. waited for 6 hours to be seen. Was nit offreed a scan. They said my cervix i's closed so it was a threatend mis carriage . I was so excited to finally have my 12 week scan today to to my complete horror they told me that there was a sac but no baby to be seen. They told me that my pregnancy had failed and there was no baby. Me and my partner are devistated. They talked.me through my options and as I am already bleeding I chose the natural way of letting it pass on its own. I can't believe it,iv felt pregnant and my belly started to expand too. All this after my partner has spent years thinking he could not conceive. I feel like it's all been a lie.......it's all I can think about. This was my first pregnancy and all we want is a baby. I just can't believe it's happening

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I'm so sorry for you loss, it always seems so unfair, similar thing happened to me, at 12 week scan I was told that there was a baby but no heartbeat, it was a total shock as I had no bleeding or pain, ending up with a op to remove baby, least things are happening naturally for you and you won't need stress of intervention. Me and my partner had tried for 5 years, felt so unfair. There is always next time (and you will get a next time), I no loads of people who's first pregnancy ended in miscarriage but have gone on to have healthy babies, you WILL be the same. I fell again 3 months after op and currently 27 weeks. Nothing no one can say will make you and husband feel much better, but with time you will feel better. It's hard to no what to say as when I have my sad news nothing anyone said made things any better. But I you do want to chat privately please message me, again so sorry for your loss. Becca

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