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7 days late and positive test


Hey guys! I am new here, I took a test yesterday and it came back positive. I am still in disbelief so I am going to take another one today. I keep thinking it's a false positive. I am bloated and I have slight cramping but nothing major, and my vaginal area is very tender! It's not itchy just really tender. Anyone else experienced this? This is my first pregnancy, I just want things to run smoothly.

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congtats lol x

Thanks doll!! <3

They all seem like symptoms I had in early pregnancy and I was absolutely fine. If you do become concerned speak to your GP.

Congratulations Hun,

All the best x

Thanks so much!!

With my first I took 7 tests! I just couldn't believe it! I'd fallen pregnant straight away but I felt totally normal. No symptoms, other than no period. Even after the 12 week scan I couldn't really believe it until I felt movements at 18 weeks...

Now I'm 33 weeks pregnant with my second and felt it straight away! I have had vaginally swelling and itching throughout but all is fine.

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