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DVT in pregnancy

Good morning ladies. I Need some advice.. After my last pregnancy I had been diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis. It was rather frustrating as kept very active during pregnancy, wasn't overweight. There were no factors to indicate that I could Have it. I blame it on really long labour.

My question is - I am now almost 11 weeks and waiting for an appointment from the hospital (been waiting 7 Weeks already!) About discussing whether I need clexene or not. Did anyone have DVT post pregnancy and did you have to do injections in your next pregnancy? Just for the reassurance.

Thank you in advance xxx

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It is in my family so have to do injections of fragmin twice a day cause of family history so having history your self you prob will have them


Hi there, I had a pulmonary embolism (which probably started as DVT) 2 years ago in early pregnancy. It was an IVF pregnancy and sadly ended in miscarriage - I was already awaiting this when the PE was diagnosed. (Like you, this wasn't caused by inactivity or being overweight).

I've been under Haematology outpatients ever since and in my second pregnancy (also through assisted conception - we transferred a frozen embryo from that last round of IVF) was put on 40mg of clexane, i.e. preventative dose, from the start of pregnancy. I'm due this week and after I give birth I'll be on clexane for a further 6 weeks.

I think I was told that the highest risk of DVT is in the early and late stages of pregnancy. If I was you I would try to chase up your referral. Hope that helps - and good luck.

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