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Need advice on dating scan

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I am around 11 weeks and still don't have a date for my 12 week scan what should I do as I am worried about this pregnancy because I had a miscarriage last time.

Many thanks

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get in contact with your midwife and inform her you do not have a date yet

Get hold of your midwife and ask her what is going on or ring your hospital

Go to ur doctor and ask them to speed it up. I had a miscarriage in Feb fell pregnant again in march (too quick I know) I suffered with ptsd and anxiety until I was 28 weeks and still not 100% now (38 weeks) your doctor should understand but if not put ur foot down Hun! If anything I'm proof it can work out 2nd time round. X

Talk to your doctor hun. They should understand. My little girl was born asleep at 39 weeks. When I got pregnant with my little boy I was anxious all the way through. I just expressed how worried I was for it happening again. Make them listen to you. The way you feel is totally understandable, but I had a gorgeous healthy little boy and it was all worth the anxiety. All will be good hun x

Ring your midwifery hub my letter didnt come to.till i was 11 and a half weeks i had it at all 13 weeks they get really busy and sometimes letters get lost in post

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ChrisWest1983 in reply to Kate91

I agree with Kate, and I hope you called them up and now you're waiting for your scan.

I had my date scan when I was 13w and few days (last week) The due date was said to be 1 day earlier than I calculated it myself.

Good luck!

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Kate91 in reply to ChrisWest1983

I was only 2 days out lol. I rang them.and knew.what date my.appointment was before i got my letter

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