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6 weeks pregnant - symptoms

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Hi all mothers to be/ pregnancy gurus

I am now 6 week pregnant and have experienced slight nausea, heartburn and sligh headache as well as back pain and tender breasts.

I want to be positive in my pregnancy, however find it sooo difficult to get my first scan confirming all is developing well!

I have not told many people about my pregnancy thus none to share my news and anxiety.

Has anyone experience slight cramping (just like pre period pain) accompanied with back pain and is this normal? How much cramping is normal and when is it best to raise this with midwife? I am getting a pulling, cramping, sort of pre period pain now and then during the day but not too bad and wanted to know if this is normal.

Also, as we do not get to do the scan until week 12 and i would not want to interfere with early scan in case something happens how can you tell everything is going fine inside there with regards to the baby developing heartbeat etc?

Thanks in advance


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Hello inneedforanswers,

you are one week ahead of me! You win!

I read that slight cramping is quite normal in the first trimester. The connection to the mother's blood supply is being built throughout the first trimester, so related cramping and a bit of spotting can occur.

But as fun as it is to try to read up online and to get feedback from all the other women here:

If you have a concern, you are absolutely allowed to ask your midwife/ doctors as soon as you ask yourself that question.

Never worry that you might bother your health professionals - helping figure things out for you is what they're there for.

Wishing you all the best!!!

Hi Stilllearning2016, congratulations to you!

Thank you for your reply.

It is so exciting and at the same time stressful as you await 12 week scan.

How have you been feeling? I am yet to experience morning sickness, had some slight heartburn but nothing major.

I have been taking Pregnancy Care multivitamins however, hear from some of my friends that they have decided not to take multivitamins and instead taking Vit D and Folic. What are your views on this?


Hi again,

I do take a multivitamin which contains the folic acid and the Vitamin D. It is a multivitamin FOR early pregnancy I got at the pharmacy, so what can be wronh with that? Today I went back there asking for a supplement for omega 3 and they told me not to take it before having double checked with my doc. That annoyed me, I've been mainly veggie all my life and I try to force down appropriate amounts of meat and fish now, but it doesn't come naturally to me and I don't always have time in the workday to hunt the right foods down. What to do... By the time I have my doc appointments, these crucial first weeks are already over...

You ask about my symptoms: there is only one I can really attribute to the pregnancy: I am not interested in food any more as I wasbefore. I used to be a big eater, imagining how delicious different foods would be when I get to eat them. Now I have what seems to be no emotional response to food and drink: I know that I need it and what times and wht ingredients mybaby needs. But eating satisfies me mainly as I do my duty towards my child, not because I enjoy the tastes. If I bpught myself chocolate or sweets now, I wouldn't enjoy them. That's a first for me!

I find it a bit much that you have to wait till 12 werks for your firstscan. Not that it's not possible to wait that long, but it seems mean. Maybe you can ask them, if they get a cancellation prior to that time to offer the slot to you?

I wish you all the best!!!

Hey, I also had same problems as you was also worried but everything went well cause am now 27 weeks n 2days.What I could say is if u experiencing more cramps see ur Doc so they can help you while is still early. All the best keep well

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. I have contacted my midwife this morning to inquire and was told it is normal, but if cramping and tightening sensation is unbearable then it is time to get hold of professionals to take a look. all the best to you in your pregnancy progression x

Hi, sad true is that you can't say if everything is fine (or anything wrong) before your first scan. So it's definitely good decision not to tell a lot of people before that. But the best thing which you can do right now is to have a cup of tea, relax in a bath, have fun with your friends (and don't worry too much that you've had mint tea, bath was quite warm and you ate some camembert by mistake). In the end it doesn't really matter what you do - miscarriage is usually caused by fetus damage or something we can't affect. To know this can be stressful or relieving. So just try not to worry and enjoy your little secret:) (And btw, my back hurts so badly that I can't sleep, it's usual pregnancy symptom - yoga helps:))

Totally agree, Dzuza!

I have been trying to have a mindful mind and eliminate worrying thoughts.

How far are you?

I have not had a bath although really want one, is it ok to have one? Not too hot and not for too long?

I have been drinking quite a bit of coffee and green/ peppermint tea which i know is not good. Going to buy Decaff ones tomorrow.

My lower back is hurting too and since week 2 i have noticed my right hip started hurting :D Quite early in, I know, what it will be like later on!

I am doing a lot of hip opening stretches and yoga for lower back and hips. Will start incorporating strength exercises to tone the core. Would you say it is fine to do a plunk?

Thanks in advance x

I'm 14 weeks:) I think that warm bath is absolutely fine. Particularly in first trimester. Your baby is very well protected by your belly. And it's perfect for back pain relieve. Don't worry about caffeine too much as well. One or two coffees/teas a day are fine (do your research on the internet:)).

And with excercising, do whatever you feel. Don't work out too hard, but you can definitely do plunks. But if it's not comfortable, if you're not sure, just don't do it.

Good night:)

Thank you, taking advise and having my first warm bath tonight.

All the best :)


You can take a bath thats really not a problem as long as you dont fry yourself hahaha

You can take baths always you are even allowed to deliver your baby in one!

It iss hoever not advisable to go apeshit on workouts if you didnt do so pre pregnancy

I would also not advice planking when you get bigger as it will put a lot off strain on your back and belly and you dont want that 😂

Its really good to keep walking and swimming and to train your cervix!

At 6 weeks tho you can do about everything sportwise

I had the same problems as you and everything was fine for me. I'm now 26 weeks pregnant.

Abdominal period-like pain seems to be quite common during pregnancy. However, if the pain is severe (takes your breath away) you should see a doctor, especially if the cramping is accompanied by blood/spotting. If you're ever really worried, there's no shame in asking your doctor or midwife though!

P.S. Congratulations :)

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