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5th pregnancy, 19 weeks pregnant, no movement yet??


I'm really concerned as last year I lost a baby ( heart beat just stopped @ 11 weeks) I'm pregnant again, already have four children, this is baby number 5 (7th pregnancy) I'm 19 weeks gone and I haven't felt any movement or ripples! Athough at 16 weeks I thought I did but bad stomach and rumbles were false!!

Is this normal??? Need to put my mind at rest, might just phone hospital

Any response appreciated X 🙏🏼😊

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I didn't feel anything I was sure was baby till 19+4 weeks, at my 20 week scan they told me I had an anterior placenta which will buffer any movement. How long till your scan? It could be your placenta location, or if you're overweight? I'm 21+2 now and feeling baby every day.


Hi hun, in 2012 my little girl was born asleep. When I was pregnant with my little boy I was so scared of it happening again. I didn't feel him move until I was 23 weeks. Even then he wasn't a big mover,I too was told my placenta was at the front this was why I couldn't feel him much. If there is anything you worry about call the midwives. They know your history and understand you will be worried. It will all be okay honey x


Hello im so sorry about your previous loss... I too am pregnant with baby number 5 and i could swear i fealt the other babies earlier but with this one over the past week i just started feeling little flickers inside..... And im 20 weeks...hope this helps ease ur mind :)

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