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Scans elsewhere


I'm booked in for my 20 week scan in Leeds where I live but I got my dates wrong and I will actually be in Cardiff for a fortnight at that date. I've phoned and tried to get a change of appointment to the Friday before but they don't have any availability. Does anybody know whether it would be possible to get the scan done in Cardiff while I am down there or does it need to be in my local area?

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I don't think they will change were you have the scan done however there is no harm n asking


Ask for your name to be put down for cancellations around the week before you go just incase they can squeeze you in. They need do your scans in certain dates to do checks on the baby so they have to fit you in whether they like it or not really. Mention it to your midwife and see what she says.


Be aware that Leeds won't have access to your scan done in Cardiff. You can get it on the system with a lot of phone calls, but depending on both hospital it's a bit of a pain and unreliable. They should give you a report tho... however, Leeds can't organise your scan in Cardiff, you would have to do that, also Cardiff might not be able to accommodate you either. My advice try get it done in Leeds one way or another as its less hassle and things won't go amiss.


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