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Have I miscarried or not?

Hi, I'm new on here, and frankly I just need to talk to someone. My partner & I weren't trying for a baby. Heck, I was waiting to start my period to start taking the pill! It just never came. So I took a pregnancy test on Tuesday and it was positive. After the initial overwhelming panic and shock I realised I was excited about it, and so was he. Two great days passed.

Then on Thursday I came home from work and I was bleeding. Not like a period - it was bright red and had a clump in it.

I've never been so heartbroken. Called 111 and talked it through with them though I was in floods of tears. I was told I had to wait and see. I've been to a nurse today and been told to wait and see. I've taken another test and it says I'm pregnant but I'm worried it's just elevated hormones still in my system.

I know it wasn't planned, and I could only have been a few weeks in, but I feel so devastated that it could all be over so soon. I've been over and over what I might have done to cause this but I don't even know if I've miscarred or not. How can I spend the next few days "waiting"???

Has anybody else been through this who could offer some words of comfort?

Thank you

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oh bless you, im sorry your going through this, some ladies do bleed in there first trimester, I did from 6-8 weeks pregnant I was worried daily, there was not much they could do other then scan me, you would as you said only be a few weeks so that's not really a option either as they would not be able to see anything unless maybe a sac but that's a big maybe this early, it really is a waiting game, but I want you to no that if and I hope its not but if it is a miscarriage you did nothing to cause it, unfortunately these things happen and although it was not planned you do have a right to be worried and grieve, but honestly take a deep breath wait a week and then ask them to do a internal scan they should be able to see something by then, keep an eye on any bleeding or pain in your abdomen, sometimes bleeds do just happen and everything is fine, keep hope


Hi, I'm so sorry for you. I miscarried my first pregnancy. I bleed when I was around 10 weeks and had to wait till my 12 week scan to find out that the baby had died. I then ha to wait another 2 weeks to try and miscarry naturally but then opted for tablets. A lot of women bleed during pregnancy but it doesn't necessarily mean you have lost it. Yes my body even though the baby had died, still showed a positive reading until I fully miscarried. Keep pushing for an earlier scan if you can. A full miscarriage normally is lots of heavy bleeding with painful cramps. Is that what you had?


Unfortunately it is a waiting game but bleeding is very common. I had the same at around 5 weeks, (as well as a few other bleeds) got scanned they saw a sac but nothing else so I had to go back after two weeks and there was a heart beat. I now have a10 month old girl.

Best of luck!


Hi, thanks to both of you for your responses. I'm feeling better today. I've had no more bleeding over the weekend & no major pain, just mild cramps. Now I just have the bloating & nausea I had last week. Starting to hope things are OK & I haven't lost it.


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