For the last two months I been having light bleeding pinkish/brown, I been having headaches,feet puffy,bloated,headaches I took a clearblue digital countdown pregnancy test at night it said I was pregnant the next day i took the same one two more times it was negative. Yesterday I took a first response I got negative this morning I took another one it was a very faint line I took a picture but it fade very quickly I'm trying to see if I got a false positive I'm going to post pictures can someone please help

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  • its unusual that you would get a pregnant result at night and not pregnant in the morning as the morning is when hcg would show at its highest, I think you should go to the doctor and do bloods

  • Yes I think it's unusual as well,, but I was told it kind of impossible to get a false positive

  • I was told by my friend it is possible but very rare, she had two positive tests admittedly she did both tests with the same urine sample so that was bound to happen but then had 6 negatives before having her bloods taken they were also negative, and she was not pregnant, the doctor told her there are reasons a positive comes up when actually its wrong but very rare, that's why I think you should go to a doctor

  • Okay thanks I have a doctors appointment tomorrow

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