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Conception date is wrong

To start off I have never been the jelious type but a week or so ago I found out my wife talked to her ex and normally that wouldn't bother me but she hid it from me and in the messages she talked about meeting him. She swears she never did. After our first son was born we didn't have sex but twice in 8 months. She said she was depressed and she just talked to him because she wanted the attention. So I focused up and started to spend extra time with her and try to help her get through it. About a week ago she found out she was pregnant and she went to the doctor. He told her she was 5weeks and 4 days. That's two weeks before we had sex. Now they didn't do a ultrasound yet but That would have also been the time she was talking to this guy. Now it's playing with my mind and I can't enjoy the fact I'm having another child, please tell me that it's possible that the doctor was off.

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Doctors calculate dates from the first day of a woman's period- not from conception, so it's probably about right xx


5 weeks and 4 days is the time since the first day of her last period, so you having had sex 2 weeks later is about right for the conception date.

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That makes perfect sense in terms of dates... The doctor can't tell how pregnant you are anyways so they go off last period dates, however you ave to add on c. 2 weeks on to the conception date.


Early in pregnancy dates may not always be correct they may go forward or backwards an scan before 12 weeks of pregnancy does not always show up accurate it is the 12 week scan that will give you the correct date give or take a few days


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