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Pregnant bulimic and 40


I'm so worried alone and withdrawing.i have bulimia nervousa, I'm 6 weeks pregnant and desparatly want to keep this baby, however I am an addict to food and still unable to stop completely ,eating lost and being sick. I was doing this 5 X a day now it's more like everyother day or every third day once,as I don't want to harm the baby. I'm scared I'll get really large and then have a miscarriages like last year! I ate normally gained a stone and then miscarried at 12 weeks. I blame myself. I stopped my medication too so I'm withdrawing from Prozac and diazepam. Nightmare. My partner doesn't live with me and I've not told anyone. I'm 40 years old. Just so alone.terrifiedill loose the baby.

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hi, you sound like your having a terrible time, I really think you should talk to a doctor as making yourself ill can lead down a very dangerous path, I no this will be difficult but they can help, if you really want this baby to be ok you will seek medical help, I really wish you all the best

Hi, firstly congratulations on your pregnancy, and for taking the first steps to lessen the amount your are sick I imagine that was hard.

My advice would be to seek the support of your GP and midwife. In terms of managing your bulimia and your withdrawal from the meds. I strongly believe the more support you have the easier you will find all of this. I wish you all the best, have faith in yourself!

Thank you just so scared I will miscarriage. The midwives don't seem to want to get involved so early, I have told Gp. I'm feeling so unwell with withdrawals and the morning sickness and I'm so bloated I look 4 months gone 😐

I had my first midwife appointment at 7 weeks but they normally don't do the booking appointment till 10 weeks. As you need support your Gp should be understanding and get your booking appointment early as they have special midwifes that can help and support. I suffer with anxiety and got really stressed at my consultant appointment the other day so they brought the mental health midwife in to have a chat. She rang me yesterday to check on me and my community midwife is coming today. I'm only 11 weeks pregnant but they are all running round and are amazing to talk to if you need to x

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Also got anti sickness meds given to me x

Hi , how's your pregnancy going? Yes they have refered me to extra support midwife ,mental health midwifes. I have a seven week scan on wed. My daughter is 16 in October so big gap. Yes it's great to have support. I hope your less anxious , have you got your 12 weeks scan , that's exciting time. X

Hi, I've already had my scan and all good. I've got a 14 and 11 year old already. I've asked for a c section with this one due to my anxiety issues and the fact I'm going to struggle with the anticipation of going into labour. I'm OK apart from feeling sick and worrying about the birth. Will have a chat with my midwife today when she comes in a bit x

Really pleased your scan is fine, congratulations, yes I'll need a c section too as I have a bladder sling. If all is well. I have loads of anxiety too at the mo, horrid isn't it. You will be fine and have two big helpers ŵith you and babysitter, so you may get more rest after this time round.

I've had a positive 7 week scan ! Strong heart beat. X

Hi lovely, firstly congratulations on your pregnancy. I'm going through a bad withdrawal myself at the moment and saw the obstetrician and midwife yesterday to discuss it. They seemed OK with me carrying on to come off the meds as long as the symptoms aren't prolonged, so I have to go back in three weeks for a check up. I asked if baby would be suffering at all with my symptoms and they said in the nicest possible way that baby's are parasites and that they will just take and take from you to make sure they are ok. I think once you are past the 12 weeks you will really settle and feel more confident about pushing forward with dealing with the bulimia symptoms. Keep drinking lots of fluids and take care of yourself.

Above all talk to your GP/midwife as they know best. If talking helps then take up as much therapy as you can. Always here and wish you the very best.

I hope your withdrawal gets better Hun. Thanks for your kind words, it's nice to have people congratulating me , instead of looking horrified. X

I'm the nicest possible way, screw those people!

Take care of yourself and try not to stress too much. Try and relax and enjoy your pregnancy journey x

Sounds to me like you're doing really well! To be able to reduce your being sick so much is great. Lots of people have morning sickness every day so you're doing well. I think you really should speak to your doctor and if you don't get the support you need speak to someone else because they are only human and may not be the right person to understand you but someone will. I had really poor care last time I was pregnant but this time everyone has been amazing. Keep posting on here too because the people seem really nice and give good advice. Hopefully you won't feel so alone then. Keep us updated 😁

Thankyou, yes helps having support on here. I spoke to my Gp and I have an extra support midwife.I also have a seven week scan on Wednesday, after my miscarriage last year , I just ant to see a heart beat. And it see its in my womb, not an ectopic . Really anxious for we'd, not sure if I should go alone incase it's bad, don't want to drag someone else into my upset. What do you think? I could ask my boyfriend /partner. But he does live a 2 hour drive and will be at 12 wk scan,?

I think you should have someone with you, who have you told so far? If your partner can't make it could your mum go or a friend you're close to? Scans are so nerve racking at the best of times, I get very wound up and usually cry.

Yes , your right. I'll see with my partner can come. I am just so negative at the moment because I miscarried, I just think it will be bad news and don't ant anyone to see me like that.

Ypositive 7 week scan, all fine 🍾

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