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My baby has only just turned 3 months but she is a very very hungry baby! I am feeding her almost every two hours to keep her fed and its about 6oz per feed! I know thats too much but I can't just leave her crying!! She was very small when she was born so I'm thinking she might be trying to catch up! My family keep pressuring me into weaning her now or give her rusks but i was wanting to wait till 3 months!! what should i do ?!


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  • It is suggested to wait till 6months for any solids. At 3 months she is way too young. She'll probably won't be able to eat as they stick their tongue out. 6oz sounds like a huge amount!! Are you sure she's crying cause she's hungry?? I find that hard to believe. At 6oz x2 hourly 12 times a day she's having c. 2 litres of milk a day! Could baby be crying cause your over feeding rather? Does baby vomit a lot? Honestly I think you need to get the health visitor/gp involved.

  • feeding her solids now is not a good idea, her stomach will have trouble digesting and will most likely make her ill, I think you should discuss this with your health visitor and you are feeding her rather a lot

  • Weaning isn't recommended till 6 months but can be started at a little over 4 only if the the baby is showing an active interest in other food, eg reaching for yours, rather than just being hungry. Sorry but it really is a bit early yet, rest assured they really are getting all the nutrients they need from milk.

  • I agree with the others. Leave it 3 months and start at 6 months. Your baby your choice. My wife and family tried to pressure me at 3 months and I stood my ground. It's just to young and all the medical evidence corresponds to this. Try increasing the feed amounts and see if that helps.

  • I know how you feel. I had people on one side saying wean and others saying wait till 6 months. At the end of the day it is a guideline and you know your baby more than anyone. I started weaning my first at 4 months. Before they changed it to 6 months it was 4 months and I'm still alive and I was weaned at 4 months. It's all about choking and bits like that why they changed it. I started just putting rusk in the milk once a day and it helped. .my son slept all the way through then gradually build it up. 2 weeks later I started with plain baby cereal that white stuff can get cow and gate version. Did that in morning for 2 weeks. Then started blending plain foods for dinner and so on. With my second she wasn't ready for weaning at 4 months but was at 5 months. It is up to you at the end of the day. Everyone will have their own opinion about it but like I said you know your own baby. Do what you think is right :)

  • Thanks everybody! I did mean to put 6 months in my original post and not 6. I'm going to wait. This is my first child but I feel like my family want to take over. Think I need to grow a back bone and stand my ground! Thanks again!

  • Have you tried hungry baby formula, then weane gently from four months with baby rice, you will know when you try to feed he if she is ready, my baby was. They also say if they can sit up they're ready. Trust yourself.

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