Abdominal pain in early pregnancy! HELP!

Hi, I'm currently 7 weeks pregnant and keep having horrendous stomach pains, I know there will be cramps because of everything stretching etc but this pain is way worse than regular cramps! It keeps waking me up at night and sometimes just come and goes. But then there's been times where it's unbareable for about 10 minutes and I just have to curl over and wait for it to pass. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there something wrong? Am I doing something I shouldn't?

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  • i wouldn't say there is something wrong necessarily, I had severe abdominal pains from weeks 6- 18 with my first and she was born healthy with no problems, however if these pains are really bad I would suggest calling either midwife or GP to discuss it with them, im not trying to worry you as I previously said sometimes pains mean nothing but it is best to get checked out if only to give you peace of mind

  • I had the same for about a week between 5 and 6. Every forum I read described them as 'mild cramps' and I panicked as mine were anything but mild. I would be doubled over rocking back and forth waiting for them to pass and they would wake me up in the night as well. But, turns out they were normal, I had an early scan (private) at 8 weeks and everything was just peachy. As a general rule of thumb cramps without bleeding and bleeding without cramps are not usually an immediate cause for concern but as always, trust your instincts and speak to your midwife if you're really concerned.

  • Yes! Being doubled over rocking back and forth waiting for them to pass is exactly what I've had to do! I couldn't find any other forums about this either, it's nice to know I'm not the only one! An out of hours doctor said everything seems fine, so just waiting for the scan! I can relax a bit more now, Thank you.

  • I had severe cramps at week 8-9 in my mid abdomen, spreading down my left lower tummy and left thigh.It was awful! I went to an A&E and had an emergency scan. It turned out I had a very bad colic! On my scan report it said gas bowel+++ I thought I would pass out from pain. It was a horrible experience, but fortunately baba was all ok.I would contact a midwife or the gp, but if the pain is unbearable go to a hospital and check it out. You will feel better knowing that everything is ok.

  • Get checked out to rule out possible eptopic pregnancy. Call the early pregancy unit nearest to u. I'm sure everything will be fine. But if the pain is severe its better u make sure everything is as it should be. Take care. X

  • When things started stretching it was horrendous, I couldn't get up from a chair so much the pain was intense I m 16 weeks now and it feels like I got punched on my pubic bone and the pain gets worse after an effort.

    Check if the baby is alright, some hospitals have a walk-in clinic some you just call explain the situation and take an appointment with the EPU

  • This may sound mad but could it be trapped wind? The amount of trapped wind pain I've had as been unreal. Like you said it only lasts about ten minutes but at times I've had to get up as I've not known what to do with myself. It's quite low down and like sharp shooting pains. Anyway I hope it gets better for you xxx

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