How long should i wait before trying for another baby?

Hello, I would like to know how long should i wait before i try for another baby,I was pregnant for 3months,but i didnt feel any changes in me because Dec & Jan there was a light bleeding,only Feb i realised i could be pregnant when i missed my period,i used preg test they where all negative,i even went to the Doc who told me there was nothing,only to find out 2weeks after being from the Doctor that i was pregnant & i had a miscariage

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  • Sorry to hear about your loss. It's up to you when you feel ready to go again. You're extremely fertile after a miscarriage and could well conceive straight away but you have to feel ready yourself in body and mind. They also like you to have had at least one period after the miscarriage as it helps with dating the pregnancy properly. There's no medical reason why you can't try again now so do what feels right.

  • Thanks a lot,you gave me all the answers i needed

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