Definite bump at 9 weeks

First pregnancy and have a definite bump at 9.5 weeks. To the point that someone asked about it today. Felt a little bit mean as we aren't announcing till after scan so left him feeling a bit like someone who asked a fat person if they were pregnant. How many weeks did people start to show at with their first? I understand after the first tend to show earlier but wasn't expecting so early.

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  • I didn't show until about 16 weeks but I was very bloated from about week 8 and someone asked me if I was pregnant at 12 weeks. I was wearing a pencil skirt I guess!!!

  • I was in maternity jeans at 10 weeks, I'm pregnant with twins and in the early days there was so much bloating but no one else noticed. I think if you're clever with how you dress you can disguise it well. I'm 23 weeks now and I feel like I've really popped out in the last fortnight but I still have people telling me my bump is tidy and I think this is down to how I am dressing my bump. Scarves are great and now that Spring is here at last, a blazer can help slim it a little. Do a Google search and you'll get loads of advice on how to disguise it in the early weeks.

  • You generally show later with the first one than with further pregnancies. I believe it's because your skin and tissue hasn't been stretched before. So you should usually show a lot later with the first one.

    But then I guess all depends on how slim you are in the first place! And then it depends on your body in general. A friend of mine was pregnant with twins and she herself didn't know she was until she was about 18 weeks! She's very slim and even until much later did she not show very much at all, which was a bit concerning (twins are now in their teens and all well).

    Personally I started to show a little arouns 16 weeks, I was a size 8 before the pregnancy. With my second one clothes became tighter around 13 weeks already.

    There can be a lot of constipation and bloating early on, maybe that's what it is with you at the moment?

    Either way, as long as you and the little one are well (mine were very small all throughout so there was always a concern that they weren't growing properly and I had extra scans) I wouldn't worry about how big or small your bump is. If you want to keep it quiet for a while then your only solution are the clothes you're wearing! All the best!

  • With clothes prolly around 20weeks but I'm chubby to start of with so I think it kinda hid it. If you're slimmer you will show before. You might be quite gassy and bloated to start off with and that can contribute.

  • Hi, if its any consolation im only 8 weeks pregnant with twins and already in need of maternity clothes!  I'm clearly showing and having to be very careful about what I wear so as not to raise suspicion at work.  These are my first and I've gone through IVF to get here so have experienced a lot of bloating since week 2.

  • Ah, congratulations! My twins are IVF as well, I'm getting big now at 24 weeks and The early days were tough to cover up. Anyway, in the early days I wore maternity jeans and trousers and so glad I did! TBH, I think we notice the bump more than those around us. Even now, I tend to wear long scarves to had cover the bump. Long cardigans and blazers are good too. Or those one size cardigans you can belt. Think of Gok Wan - he always belted his ladies to cinch in the waist! 

  • I'm currently going with layers to draw more attention up. Was going to ask how you knew was twins so early but the IVF explains it. Congratulations :)

  • They can see the 2 sacs at early scans too, saw them at 6 weeks! Now I get asked how I know they're non-identical, this is something they can see on the scan too, so I don't have to tell people it was IVF.

  • it's properly amazing what they can see in scans now, I have mine in 2 weeks. It can't come soon enough, so I can start to relax that everything is ok.

  • Your little one will be moving around and everything at that stage! We could see one of ours swimming and the other yawning at the 12 weeks scan. The later scans I had don't seem as good, suppose it's harder to fit them in as they get bigger. Best of luck, hope all goes well and then you can start telling people!

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