Vegan diet in pregnancy

Hi, bit neich I know but advice welcome. Had my GP appointment today to log pregnancy. She briefly asked about diet saying to avoid unpasteurised milk and cheese, pointed out that I'm currently vegan so that wasn't a problem. To which I was advised not to eat raw meat or fish. Again not really an issue :) anyone have some helpful dos and donts concerning diet in vegan pregnancy. I'm already aware of the need to cook bean and seed sprouts to kill off any bacteria but didn't know if there was anything else I should be thinking about.

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  • Wow! Your GP is not really up to date! :D

    This might come handy:

  • I think she probably has her things she always says and didn't adapt them at all. Midwife ap. Thursday so maybe that will be more useful. Thank you the vegan society stuff is very useful

  • I'm not vegan myself, but I wonder if iron & calcium supplements might be indicated. Might be worth discussing with your midwife who should know a fair bit about pregnancy 😜

    folic acid (first12weeks) and vitamin d are suggested for everyone.

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