Seven weeks after miscarriage and no period

I had a delayed miscarriage in December 2015 and underwent an MVA procedure; I was supposed to be 8 weeks. The literature provided at the time said that my periods were supposed to come back with 6 weeks as does everything on the Internet that I've read but there's been nothing yet. The lack of a period has been making me anxious for a few weeks and I am convincing myself that there's something wrong. My GP has agreed to see me but was very dismissive. Has anyone else had a miscarriage and waited for a long time for a period to come again, even when the miscarriage occurred and the pregnancy was not that far along?

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  • I wouldn't be surprised if your period takes more than 6weeks as the hormones can take a while to settle. Is there any chance you would be pregnant again?

  • I should have said that I did a test which was negative. I'll do another one soon in case that was too early. I have been experiencing pre-period cramps for a couple of weeks but nothing happens. I am officially frustrated.

    Thanks for your reply.

  • I was told to expect a period around 6-8 weeks so you've only just got to that x

  • Hi, i know this is an old post but I stumbled across it and wondered how this panned out for you? I am five weeks post miscarriage and also havent had a period. I know it often takes up to six weeks but, like you, I keep getting pre-period cramps but it doesnt come to anything :-( How many weeks did it take for your period to return? my pregnancy was IVF so I wonder if the drugs havent helped. x

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