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Double intercourse

Hi, my husband and I has been married for more than a year now. Has been trying to conceived a baby but still no positive sign. My husband consider in his normal weight but I'm kinda obese but can't really tell as my height hide it all. But I know I'm fat and keep trying to lose. So far lose 2kg. I know weight contribute to conceiving.

My question is, will double or second intercourse/penetration ruin the first ejaculation? It's not like we stop for few hours. After the first ejaculation, we go for second. Will that ruin my chances to conceived?

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No it won't

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The more the merrier, it wont ruin your chances.. As for your weight, losing weight prior to pregnancy is definitely a good idea. As you say it doesn't show you can also check your body mass index (bmi), lots of calculators online - 25+ is considered overweight 30+ is considered obese.

Good luck!

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Thank you both. I'm kinda a bit worried. It's my ovulation day in next few days. I don't want to get too excited because it might be another disappointment. Okay, will get it check out.


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