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First time pregnant. When is the soonest appointment for antenatal care that I can get?


I'm almost 8 weeks pregnant and I was hope that I can have an appointment at 8 weeks so I tried to book an appointment for antenatal care 3 weeks ago but the soonest I can get for the first time to meet doctor or midwife will be at 12 weeks pregnant.

Is it normal to have that late appointment for anyone first time pregnant like me?

Another 4 weeks waiting to see doctor is a very long long time for me when I have many things to worry about....

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If you are worried then make an appointment with your doctor. Where I am we have a booking in appointment before 12 weeks as they book your dating scan for 12 weeks. If you see the doctor they may be able to book this in for you, mine did. I do know that I have to book my mw appointments about 6-8 weeks in advance as they are so busy, that may be why you couldn't get one. I'd make an appointment with the doctor for peace of mind, they will be happy to see you.

tnw216 in reply to Mumma80

Thank you. I only can try to not worry too much until that day, I've asked and they said difficult to get another one sooner or change the date since its xmas and new year coming.

I had mine at around 12 weeks, but they booked scan for the same week. I think 8-12 weeks is fairly normal for your booking appointment. Try and not worry too much. Re questions you can always see ur gp and. Found getting a pregnancy app like what tp expect has a lot of good articles!

tnw216 in reply to roxannacar

Thanks for your reply. As all information on NHS website, we can meet midwife about 8-12 weeks so I thought I can have the first appointment at 8 weeks but not. Hopefully time pass by fast, waiting for something like this make time goes so slow.

It seems to depend on the area you live in and how your local surgery/ hospital procedures work. I was lucky and had a midwife appointment at 8 weeks then my scan at 12 but I know of many women who have had the same experience as you. There's so much to worry about, waiting that long seems ridiculous!

Hopefully you will get an appointment sooner rather than later! Good luck xxx

amy216 in reply to Eskarina

Thanks, you're lucky that have one at 8 weeks, thats the only appointment they can give me, I have asked if I want to change the time, the receptions said that difficult now because of xmas and new year coming.

Just wait then

I am in London and had my booking in appointment with the midwife at 11 weeks and my scan at 12 weeks. I thought that timing was fine and didn't feel my first midwife appointment should have been earlier. The waiting is hard but it's hard at every stage of pregnancy so it's best to get used to it. I'm now 15 weeks and it feels like forever until my 20 week scan 😊

amy216 in reply to am85

Thanks, I feel better now since I know many people have first appointment at 12 weeks like me.

I think 12 weeks is usual (for first scan & booking appointment).

I MC first pregnancy in Jan 2014 & had early scan then when thought was around 9 weeks - had lost baby at 7 weeks.

But - second pregnancy discovered July 2014. I hounded & got an early scan at 8 weeks & booking appointment at 9 weeks as I had had MC b4 & was nearly 38 at the time.

So I think it depends on the situation. We are based in Berkshire area.

Happy to report I'm now 39 & our son was born on 15.4.15 (he will be 8 months old 2moro) 😀 so hopefully this will encourage you that all will be ok - in the end.

I had my booking appointment at 8 weeks and scan at 12 weeks. Actually, my midwife isn't very helpful so I wouldn't expect much (she was nice, but stressed with the workload). Most of my questions have been answered online, NHS website is good and I found baby centre good too.

The booking appointment is about an hour and most of that is the midwife asking you questions. I didn't have hardly any time to talk about my anxieties. Good luck.

amy216 in reply to Lillyella

Thank you, I just hope everything go well with my baby. I'll be 9 weeks in a few days and now I have problem with eating, can't eat much and nothing taste good anymore, also couldn't sleep one every 2 3 nights. Hope I can get back to feel like to eat again to get enough energy and food to support my baby

Haroumeni in reply to amy216

First apt at 11 to 12 weeks for dating scan .For nhs .no earlier any scan.

It s very hard to wait 12 weeks for the first scan.

amy216 in reply to Haroumeni

Oh yeah, it is very hard, I'm counting day by day.

Luckily my husband has 2 weeks holidays for xmas until 3Jan so the time will be a bit easier for me for 2 weeks, and 8 Jan I will have my first appointment.

Haroumeni in reply to amy216

My love im 11 weeks 3 days first scan this Monday!

This is my second pregnancy.

12 is fine. Just make sure that you get your **dating scan** before you are 14 weeks. Due to stupidity of my GP I actually missed this and missed Down syndrome scan (should be done between 12 and 14 weeks)!

amy216 in reply to pingpong326

Oh no, how can they not do that for you, noted, thanks for reminding me about this.

I just do not understand why I could not have my blood and urine test done at the same time as my first appointment! I struggle to see why this appointment cannot be combined with the 12 weeks scan if it happens at around that time either! Save time and money for all of us - as if people do not have to go to work!!! Now I need 3 appointments, one for a questionnaire I could have done online, one for a blood sample and one for a scan!!! This is just silly. (Sorry, slightly angry with the NHS for being so inefficient)

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