i had a miscarriage about two months ago or so on June 11 2015 , I was two weeks . I stopped trying after that and I had gotten my period august 2 2015 and I was supposed to get my period around the 28 or 30 and I have bad cramps here and there and sore boobs and nipples I took a test and said negative and still no period but still symptoms. Should I wait another week and if no period test again ?

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  • Yeah ur cycle could be a bit messed up or your body may not have created enough hcg to show on a test just yet, give it a few more days and see, good luck xx

  • I was supposed to get it august 30 till sept 3 its now sept 2 and someone said to wait to see if it comes before sept 10 cause that'll be a week after a missed period then test .

  • Ok,,what happens when you get pregnant is that your body produces an extra hormone called hcg, the further into the pregnancy the more you produce. When you do a test the test is looking to see if any hcg shows up, in very early pregnancy there isn't always enough to show up straight away so you get a negative result, but really it's only because you didn't leave it long enough for the hormone to show up. Obviously everyone's different so it shows up early on some people later on others. Your friend is right if you leave it a week it should definitely show up and your not wasting money on tests. The longer you leave it the more accurate but if the suspense is killing you then test whenever. It is always best to test first thing on a morning as your wee is stronger and the hormone can have built up overnight, hope that helps a bit xx

  • Thank you x helped a lot . And if it keeps saying negative I should follow up with my obgyn and get seen . thanks xx

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