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I recently had a miscarriage in march/April and have found out I am expecting again. I already have 3 children and those pregnancies were gone with no problems. I spotted this time around the time my period was due but after using the toilet last night and wiping I noticed there was blood on the paper, but this morning it was brown and has faded throughout the day. I am very anxious about using the toilet now. I still go to the toilet very often and am still feeling very tired as well as having very sore breasts. The early pregnancy unit have told me to just monitor the bleeding but I am very anxious and just need some advice

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Hi ive had this happen through all my pregnancies at the beginning and now have 3 beautiful boys to show for it. How far gone are you could it be implantation bleeding? Or was it around when you should of had a period? As long as the bleeding doest turn dark red and is assisted by sharp cramps things should be ok but if you really worried ask to be referred for an early scan or phone you epu and refer yourself. This may help put your mind at ease a bit

Hi I am 6 weeks on tomorrow and it did happen around the time of my period last month but not this month. I spoke to a pharmacist and he said if your worried see your Dr so when I went to make an appointment the receptionist told me the Dr won't do anything and best go epu which I phoned and they said there's not a lot they can do until I'm passed 6 weeks. I'm only worried because nothing like this happened with my other 3 children. I still have all the symptoms and took another test which was still positive. Im Just being paranoid probably because when I did miscarry early this year I didn't have any cramps or pain just a dull ache. Thanks for your help :-)

Hi Jodie231104, sorry for your loss March / April. I mc first pregnancy in Jan 2014 at 7 weeks & its sad time. I just had bleeding, so was referred to early pregnancy clinic for early scan, then mc for 2 weeks after as was a "missed" mc.

Luckily, I was pregnant again July & now have a 14 week old boy, so happy ending for me. Also my sister mc first in Aug 2013 & had her baby boy in Nov 2014. Glad that you already have 3 of your own :-) as this can help I think (focus on them so keeps you occupied).

Recommend hounding for early scan once you've past 6 weeks (had my first at 9 weeks with my son to set our mind at ease after mc b4) as this may help give you peace of mind (or at least give you answer either way), I've heard can still have positive tests when not due to the hormones (or negative tests when pregnant due to low hormones), so defo worth checking properly at epu / epc.

Fingers X for your sticky bean.

Thanks hough :-) I have decided to phone epu on Monday to get a scan just for peace of mind that everything is good (I have already taken 3 tests all positive) ;-) x

Gr8 news!! Wishing you good luck 😀 fingers firmly X!!!

If tests all still positive, then hopefully will be good news, but better safe than sorry.

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