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Hi ladies, so I went for my blood test and my hcg levels are still lowering but the blood test itself however is still positive for pregnancy. I've now started having blood loss as well, was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this before and if so what was the outcome?, I feel like I'm miscarrying but can't help but hope that's there's a chance everything will be okay if the hcg levels just started going up even if it's just slowly.

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Hi jadey96. Are u able to get an early pregnancy scan? Its really the only way to know unless your bleeding heavily. I had a missed miscarriage about 6 weeks ago and was told pregnancy tests would still show positive because hcg is still raised if your body still believes your pregnant. Not sure if thats the same with a blood test tho although they're still testing for the same hormone. If you've got an early pregnancy unit please call them for reassurance if not call a Dr, u need to know what is happening for definite. Xxx


Hey vixstix33 , I did ask for a pregnancy scan but the nurse said my hcg levels are too low for a scan to show anything they have to be a certain number and mine are way way below atm though I might try ringing the doctor and see if they can refer me for a scan, I just wish I knew more of what was going on, I've got a blood test next week though to see where the hcg levels are at ,fingers crossed it's a positive outcome xx


crossing my fingers for you xxx


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