Pregnant at 39, TVU

I am 39 years old and recently found out I am pregnant 5 weeks 4 days. This will be my 2nd my husbands 1st. My son will be 16 in February. We are both very excited however; worry consumes me daily because I am 39 and have chronic hypertension as well. I had my 1st TVU yesterday and they would like for me to go back this coming Wednesday for another because it was too soon to see the heartbeat. I have done quite a bit of researh and we are leaning towards not having another TVU. I just feel it is very intrusive. Is it really necessary? Thoughts please.

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I would opt out ,its very early and you will get lots of normal scans after 12 weeks bei ng an older mum with hbp


I had this but I was worried when they couldn't see the heart beat so I got another one to make sure everything was 100% okay


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