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Advice needed

Hi ladies!

I need some advice. I have a little girl who is 18 months and I am currently 11 weeks pregnant with our second little one. The problem is I got made redundant when I was 4 weeks pregnant (I had knew this was going to happen for a while) and that's me just back in employment. The thing is my new job is a zero hour contract and I actually had to sign a contract stating that they could give me zero hours and don't have to give a reason. So when should I tell them I'm pregnant? I'm scared to tell them straight away in case they tell me not to come back (which is well in their rights as I am a zero hours contract) or keep it a secret for a while? The thing is I get my scan soon and it's going to be public knowledge and some friends of a friend work in my office so I'm scared someone says something. Any advice?

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You being pregnant is medical information. Nobody should share medical information with your place of work without your consent.

It depends how you feel physically and whether there are any risks to you or the baby in your work as to whether you should tell them. I wouldn't have told my zero hours employers that uI was pregnant, but they can't take account of your pregnancy when assigning roles if you don't let them know.



I agree, depends whether you are putting yourself and your baby at risk. In my job, 0 contract hours or not it would be highly irresponsible as I work with a number of dangers.

Hold out until your 1st scan if you can then make decision X


It's an admin job so just sitting at a desk all day. so no real risks I can think of. I am really not sure what to do. I get my scan on Thursday so I will decide then x


Ah that's ok then 😊 your not a sky diving instructor or anything 😉

Is there anything in your contact about pregnancy? There is no reason why you couldn't work like any other person in an admin role, pregnancy shouldn't hinder you. Xx



I realise it's difficult as it's a zero hour contract, but if they suddenly stopped giving you work because of your pregnancy I'm sure that would be classed as discrimination and you could sue them for that. I know the last thing you want when pregnant is a situation like that, but hopefully because of it they won't stop giving you work when you do tell them.

Just want to plant the seed though, have you tried looking for a more secure job in the meantime? Might be worth thinking about.

Best of luck with everything xx


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