Can i be pregnant?

I had a period around 2 weeks ago it was all fine. Me and my other half had sexual intercourse and he ejaculated in me on the last day of my period and again the day after and again few days later... However day and 2 after my period i had very light pink spotting mainly night time. I was getting many pains in my stomach,head achs, light headed and still to this day feeling sick atleast once a day i have been craving certain foods. Can i be pregnant? Is it too early to take a test?

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Hi Vicky

I would go to the doctor ASAP and get tests done. If you are pregnant, then it is great and The surgery will provide information and make the necessary bookings with you. Otherwise, the doctor can help with your symptoms and figure out what is causing your discomfort... Win-win situation!

All the best.

I agree, going to your GP would be best. It's generally too early for you to take a home test until you have missed a period but I think the doctor will clear it up for you. Good luck x

I'm sorry but I don't think you are pregnant, it's likely the sex just caused the last part of your period to come down. You need to have ovulated to become pregnant and this won't have happened while you were bleeding. The best thing is to wait until your next period is due and test then. A GP will not be able to test before then anyway, and their appointments are precious so it wouldn't really be a good idea to go to them early.

I think you could be pregnant in various ways. But let's just suppose that you had been already pregnant but still having the period, even if it looked normal - which is not that unusual.

Buy a test and check it out - it is just a few pounds.

OK thank you all for your replies I'll wait until im next due to take a test what one would people recommend to use ?

You could try a first response as they are quite sensitive to the pregnancy hormone and can apparently tell you a week before your period is due

The Clearblue is very popular but they are all very similar and work exactly in the same way, so it is up to you and budget to choose!

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