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Boots pregnancy test? Help!

Long story short I took the morning after pill weeks and weeks ago and have had no bleed whatsoever. I took a boots own brand pregnancy test yesterday morning and I got a horizontal line and a vertical line. From what I've read on Google the tests have changed as you used to have to get a cross to be pregnant and now the test says no line isn't pregnant and a line is pregnant, however, it doesn't say anything about horizontal lines just "lines may vary" or something like that! Can anyone help? I'm going to take another test soon anyway as its been about 7/8 weeks since I took MAP. thank you!!

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I've never taken that brand of test myself, but is there a number you can call on the packaging? They might be able to clear it up for you. I would take another one anyway just to be sure. It's not possible to get a false positive, if you do get one you're pregnant, so it's always worth being sure. Good luck x


I took a pound land strip test this morning as I just grabbed the pack last night. There was the test line then a line under the sticker with the arrows, Im going to wait til the weekend however my period is weeks late!


Can you book in at the doctors? Best way to be absolutely sure. And if you're not pregnant you can chat with them about the late period, I'm sure they'll be able to help you either way. Try not to worry too much until you know more, not good to get yourself worked up X

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It sounds like you could be pregnant - I don't think the MAP has a 100% success rate, if you were pregnant when you took it, it doesn't necessarily terminate the pregnancy. Go to your GP for a blood test and they can confirm for definite, but it sounds like this one might have slipped the net.


I've just found out I'm pregnant after taking MAP strong chance you are too x


Hi i did a boots pregnancy test and im confused one clear line came up and one faint line im not sure of what to understand 


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