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About 7 weeks and pregnancy symptoms have suddenly stopped

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I have been experiencing extreme nausea and morning sickness throughout the day since I was about 4-5 weeks. I will be 7 weeks tomorrow and since I woke up this morning I haven't felt sick or bloated at all. Since I realized I was pregnant I haven't been able to eat or keep down anything and now my appetite is back. I experienced morning sickness at least once a day throughout my entire first trimester during my pregnancy with my first son so this is very alarming to me. I called my ob/gyn and they can't see me till later next week. Should I be worried?

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No it's fine I did exactly the same and I too was worried, but I went for my 12 week scan yday and everything was fine x

If you are really worried then phone NHS direct, lay it on thick about how worried you are and they can get you an early scan. No use worrying for another 5 weeks Unfortunately the first 8 weeks are the most dangerous weeks of pregnancy (they say 12 weeks but this is only because they want women to wait until after their routine dating scan to find out everything's ok- if something is going to go wrong then it almost always has by 8 weeks)... Sorry and i know that's a downer but it's far more likely that there's nothing wrong and that you're just having a different experience this time around... maybe this baby is a different sex to your first child :) maybe your morning sickness will return with a vengeance and this is just a little reprieve! ;) Hope everything's ok and that you'll be sickness free and pregnant for many months to come but if you're really worried then speak to NHS direct xx

I had this. I would have 2-3 days with almost no symptoms at all, then suddenly they would come back. Your hormone levels are bound to fluctuate - we are not machines and they do not rise at standard rates. Give it a few more days before you get too worried!

I wouldn't worry at all - if this had been down to a miscarriage (I think this is what you fear is the case?), the morning sickness etc would have tapered off gradually rather than suddenly. If a pregnancy is lost, it takes a while for hormone levels to drop/change. Most likely just one of those things. No two pregnancies are the same, even as experienced by the same mother. Relax unless you have any cramping/bleeding, which I don't think you will. xx

I experienced the same thing and it is worrying as it suddenly get that feeling of panic that something might be wrong as you've got so used to feeling unwell. So it's perfectly normal to feel anxious. I found it harder once I'd had my 12 week scan and I knew that they were happy and healthy but it was too early to feel them move yet. I'm now 1 day shy of 32 weeks and feeling every little twitch which is lovely (even at 3 am when she's woken me up doing the salsa in there!)

I'd say if you're still worried talk to your Dr or midwife but I think it's a natural stage we all go through.

Don't be worried. I was exactly the same. Some days I was sick all day then others I didn't feel pregnant. You would know if anything was wrong. The scan will come around quickly and put your mind at ease. I'm 20 weeks on Tuesday and I don't even have a bump or felt movements. I know how you feel x

I have just been through the same experience only this week so I thought I d reply to you. I too suddenly felt normal, even my mood went back to what it was before, no sore breast, they weren't even bigger anymore, nausea was gone so I started to freak out completely. I read a lot of forum saying I shouldn't worry as it happens to many but also read others saying that they ended up mc. My 12 week scan is only in 3 weeks, so I had the choice of either going mad while waiting with the possibility of getting a bad news, or spend £100 (which is barely the price of a night out with friends) and book an early scan. So I did the later liltterally the next day, was so nervous, but I am so glad I did it as I could see my little one in my tummy moving his little legs and saw a healthy heartbeat of 170. So really, do not worry, if you want peace of mind and if you can afford I'd say book an early scan. If not I am pretty your little one is fine and just decided to spare you more sickness!

I feel sick around 4.5_5weeks but around week six my symptoms all gone. The only thing I feel is fatigue and back pain. Is this normal? Please help I'm so worried.

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Prettiest, do you have any updates? I’m experiencing the same lack of symptom as you and it’s so so worrying.

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Every thing is fine for me. My scan was 1week ago and there was a strong heart beat. So don't worry symptoms can come and go. I still don't feel any of the symptoms but every thing is fine.

It's very normal for your symtoms to come and go! Just enjoy feeling normal as it'll probably be back soon!

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