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My son is 1 and I want another! False movements?

My son was 1 last month. He is just the most truly amazing little boy and I can't explain my love for him! Me and my partner are currently living in my parents spare house (right next door) as we are saving for our mortgage for our house. I also had pre eclampsia quite badly with my son and ended up having multiple seizures during and after having him, which is why we moved into my mothers other house as my partner is away offshore a lot and I was told to be very careful incase of having a seizure alone. We are one year on and I desperately want to try again! My partner is the same. But I am in a good position with my job just now, I am currently doing two degrees from home, which will take me another two years. I do have the implant in which is due to be taken out in three years but we would like to try now, but I think it would be better waiting and just don't know what to do! I've been also having feelings of "kicks" every day. They are quite strong too! I don't have a bump and I took a test which was negative. I read about "phantom kicks". I just can't believe they are so strong! anyone else get feelings like this? How far apart did everyone else have siblings and how did you know it was the right time to have another?x

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Hi, if you feel like you are ready and you and your partner both feel the same way then perhaps come of birth control and see what happens. Obviously you need to have some back up plans regarding work and figure out how getting pregnant would affect your current status. Could you have some time off studying and continue your degrees after your next maternity leave? It would be best to have a plan in place before you get pregnant so you don't have that added stress to deal with. I'm sure you would be well looked after during your pregnancy as you'd be high risk so from the start they'd be watching for any signs of the pre eclampsia.

My son is 7 months old and my husband and I plan to start trying in a few months, we love having a family and want our children to fairly close in age.

Not heard of phantom kicks but sounds like your subconscious is ruling your body which makes me think you have your decision. Good luck to you whenever you decide to start trying

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