Has anyone else suffered with SPD throughout pregnancy. It is becoming more unbearable everyday as my baby is getting bigger. I'm 30 weeks +3 and I'm walking like I'm about to drop because of the pain. I've brought a support belt and it not helping it's just getting worse. Have any of you ladies done anything that seem to help? And also did it affect your labour? X

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  • I had it with my son and it's agony so REALLY feel your pain hun. Unfortunately there was no magic cure. I went to physio and all they gave me was the support belt. I had it pulled really tight which was the only way I could get any relief. Maybe see if the GP can suggest something better hun x

  • I'm seeing the midwife again next week and I'm going to ask if theres anything else she can do! Can I ask if it affected your labour at all? Xx

  • I ended up having a c section because the induction didn't work so I can't really help you with that hun xx

  • That's okay. Hope you a and you little one are both doing well xx

  • I've suffered from spd from the beginning due to adhesions. I've found paracetamol didn't do anything but I've had accupuncture every two weeks, upping it to once a week once I hit 18 wks and I'm not suffering half as much as I was now at 25wks. I found a registered practitioner who specialises in female fertility and pregnancy. NHS and WHO approve of accupuncture in pregnancy too. Give it a go - I don't really know how it works but it's been magic for me - increasing energy and decreasing inflammation pain. Xxx Oh and pregnancy yoga has helped to strengthen muscles around wobbly ligaments.

  • Hi, I had SPD in the latter stages of my pregnancy. I really feel for you; I was all but housebound which was tough. However, it was worth it for my little girl. I was induced and it didn't affect my labour at all (she was out in 6 minutes!). A significant amount of the pain went the next day, and I moved from a shuffle to a hobble. Within a few days it had gone away completely. I saw a chiropractor to ease my pain a little and also wore the belt which gave me a bit more confidence about walking. All the very best; the goal is in sight!

  • Did you get induced because of the SPD? I'm just finding it harder everyday walking up the stairs is becoming a mission and sitting and standing is so horrible. I just cannot wait for 9 weeks when my baby girl is here and it will all be worth it xx

  • Hi Beckyyhopee

    I first had SPD with my second daughter 7 years ago and have had it subsequently with the 3rd who is now almost 4 and currently 22 weeks pregnant. The first and second time was very severe and saw the physio both times. Both referrals were made by the Midwives but the Gp can also refer you. I was seeing them weekly sometimes fortnightly for exercises and some other treatments, They would try to push the hip back into the joint as it had moved. which helped. On both occasions I was told that if the condition gets worse it might affect labour and the physio may be called during the birth but thank God it did not get to that, all the girls were born normally and no physio attended. On this occasion, I am only struggling when I get up from sleep mainly or if I sit down for a prolonged period. I have the support belt but rarely wear it and am just careful on how I carry on with my day to day activities. Whatever you do try to keep both legs close together e.g getting in and out of the car, going up the bed, don't bend if you need to pick something you have to kneel down, don't lift anything heavy even if it is your little one, don't overexert yourself e.g walking long distance as this makes it worse, pushing the shopping trolley avoid it if you can e.t.c. When I first wake up am in agony, I can hardly walk, but hate taking paracetamol and find that it gets better in about 10 minutes or so. I think I have learnt to persevere with it. Sometimes I am in so much pain I have to hold onto something to make a step, sometimes hubby has to help but we just play it down as we are so used to this now. Also as soon as baby is born everything gets back to normal very quickly. If you are finding that life is becoming impossible see the physios as I found them very helpful and worth seeing. Remember that this is only temporary and when your baby comes will be worth all of this, good luck and all the best. XXXX

  • Hi there, it is me again, the stairs don't help as it is making things worse, when you are sitting up, support your back with pillows and make sure you are sitting upright. In bed use lots of pillows as necessary, not long to go, it is one of those things. I was told also age makes it worse but I met a 24 year old with it, so not sure if this counts. I have learnt to live with this and know that it is only temporary..................

  • I'm only 20 and have this but I also suffer from endometriosis so that pain on top of it isn't helping. Its just been a very difficult but happy year I was told I would never have children to then fall pregnant 6 months later which is the most amazing thing ever! But the pain just seems to be getting worse. Is it worth asking to be referred to a physio with only 9 weeks left? Surely the waiting list is awfully long?? I Just wish I could fast forward time until baby girl is here because its becoming unbearable xx

  • Hi becky, I can totally relate to your situation as I had severe spd from 24-25 weeks. The physio helped but as I grew big the pain only increased. Also I had a flight of stairs to climb which aggravated my pain. Towards the end I was given a crutch for support and advised to try a different position in labour. I gave birth on all fours and after the baby the pain went off completely. Just hang in there...... Out of the tips given by physio she advised that while sleeping the hip knee and ankle are aligned properly, restrict single leg lifts, keeping both knees together all the time. I hope this is helpful. I did try seeing a osteopath but as it was pregnancy related she advised that there was very little that could be done....

  • Hi Becky

    Yes it is worth it, the referral can be fast tracked if you tell them that normal life is impossible, I found them very helpful and thanks to them with this pregnancy I know what to do to minimise the pain that this condition can cause. It is wonderful news to hear that you are getting a miracle baby, all the best and I wish you the very best. XXX

  • i had severe spd during my second pregnancy i also has sciatica. my baby girl is 10 mths old and i still have some symptoms, after birth i could not even get out of bed, my legs buckled and i was given crutches to use, i wasn't able to walk for a month. during pregnancy i was on codeine to help with the pain but that did not really help. i was sleeping in hot bath. i was given belt to wear after birth but found that it made it worse. birth itself was not to bad but as all advice they gave me during pregnancy and everything i read went out of the window as labour progressed. the only thing kept me sane was that she will be arriving soon. i had four miscarriages before i was able to successfully carry her and give birth so i just kept thinking about that. my advice is to take things easy let the housework go, even on the days you feel good, rest as much as you can,do your pelvic floor exercises and do go to neonatal yoga. in my area its only £1 for session.

  • acupuncture.rhizome.net.nz/...


    seriously folks, can't shout loud enough aboit this. Gone from fortnightly treatment to once a week three weeks ago and have been PAIN FREE for two weeks. Seriously, give it a go - for me it's been a miracle, along with pre natal yoga and gentle walking. Adhesions are very similar to endemetrosis. I did get referred by gp to pain clinic to get it, but waiting list in my area was over 6 months long but have negotiated a competitive price with a private registered practitioner. I've attached links from medical research that say it's more successful than physio. Also, it can turn breech babies, reduce nausia and be used to induce naturally (worked on a 40 year old friend of mine that obs insisted had to be induced - she had two sessions over two days and went onto to have a natural labour). Please try it, it can't hurt more than the pain that you're suffering. Xx

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