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Weaning on to a bottle! Helpppp

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Hi all my son is 5 months old and I am ready to move him onto a bottle. I have been exclusively breast feeding. He has had the odd bottle of pumped breastmilk but that was many months ago and he happily took it. He is now refusing to have a bottle and begins to scream as soon as the bottle touches his lips! I could really do with some advice. Been trying for 4 weeks now! I give the bottle when he is hungry n keep calm etc but he is just not interested. He wont even take water from the bottle. I have tried asking my husband and my mum to give a bottle so that I am not around but he gets himself into a right state. Any advice appreciated

Thank you!

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Have you tried any different teats? Or even a sippy cup? Most are suitable from 6 months so he is not far off? X

I have found that my exclusively BF baby will only take expressed milk from the tommee tippee closer to nature teats, and with the milk warmed to around about body temperature (i.e can only just notice it's there when squeezed onto my arm)!! Though you may be able to find other teats that are similar to nipples, there's loads on the market that claim to be. When baby was really hungry but in too much of a state to take the bottle, I used to squeeze a tiny drop of milk under her nose to encourage her to open her mouth, then slid the teat in down over the top lip and into the mouth to try and mimic what she does at the breast. Hope this helps xxx

Hi thank you ladies. I have tried a sippy cup but he wont take it. He has water from a normal cup. I am using the tommee tippee closer to nature teats. I have also tried mothercare ones but he hates those. I have tried tucking it under my arm so he thinks its me n the drop of milk on the lip n slipping in as he would when he breastfeeds. But no luck!

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oh dear :( have you asked the health visitor? maybe she has some more professional advice!

Hi not yet. But I intend to. Hope the HV has some good ideas!

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Hello - I tried for 6 long weeks to get my LO to have bottle. He was 5 months old - I tried all sorts - different teats, different people, different times of day etc. In the end my dad told me to put jam on bottle teat. I put a tiny smear on and it worked a treat. My HV was not impressed but I only had to do it 3 times and then had the bottle no problem! I was prepared at that stage to carry a pot of Hartleys jam around with me as was such a stressful time. He came to no harm. Hope this helps. X

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Thanks for this tip, will be trying it when my turn comes xx

Hi trish83 the way things are going I am willing to give it a go! Did you start with formula or expressed breastmilk? Will let you know how I get on. X

Hello. At first I was expressing but I got so fed up of throwing it down the sink! We switched to formula and he didn't mind at all. It was more the bottle than what was in it that seemed the issue for us. His first feed was off his dad but he was ok with me the next day. All in all he had a tiny blob of jam so try not worry too much about that. Good luck. Xx

Ah ok intend to try the jam tomorrow! Will express to start with too and see how it goes. Wish me luck! X

Hello all just an update! After alot of tantrums my son finally drank 1 ounce from a bottle! Then fell asleep as he was so tired! Hoping he will take it again. Don't know whether to keep at bottle or breastfeed too. As I know you are supposed to gradually stop.


Aw well done. It must of been so stressful I remember how hard it was for us. I decided to stay with bottle just as I had already decided to give up bf and I was scared of prolonging the bottle battle! It's ok to just stop you could express if your very sore. Glad your getting there. X

Hi he's had a full feed from a bottle! Woopie! Thank you for all your help! I forgot to say I did use jam!!!! But only the once he took the bottle second time still a little fussy but no tears! Going to combination feed for a week and them stop. Once again thank you all xxx

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hooray! Well done. I am bearing this in mind for when I have to prepare baby for my return to work, jam trick definitely noted xx

Ah trish83 good old jam! Hopefully continue with a few bottle feeds from now on. So pleased that you r suggestions have worked. Think my son just didn't like the teat and the jam helped him play and then suck! Good luck tazmania! X

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