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Waters breaking but no contractions

Hello, I am hoping someone has had a similar experience to me and can help put my mind at ease. Yesterday morning (at 37 weeks & 5 days) I had a little gush after coming out of the shower. I wasn't 100% sure it was my waters but I had been to the toilet before my shower and the water on the floor was clear. Called my husband in to help check (lovely!), it was a different smell and colour so we decided to call the midwife after we got dressed. From then on I put a pad on a had several leaks, again, tried to make sure it was definitely waters! Midwife came over and checked my blood pressure and baby's heartbeat and that the head was engaged. Called the hospital and they told me to wait for contractions. So we went on walks, bounced on the ball, etc but nothing happened.

Last night didn't get much sleep as I started getting paranoid about baby, usually it is really active but wasn't it's usual self, could still feel movement but not as much. A different Midwife came today and checked me and baby, she said baby seems happy, heartbeat is strong, and she said she could tell my waters had gone because I was 'all baby'. She said the difference in movement was likely to be due to the fact there is less waters around the little one now but I'm still to keep an eye on it. Again spent today walking, bouncing and resting (due to lack of sleep last night!).

It's now been 30 hours since my waters broke and no contractions. Had a sore back and period type aches but nothing that feels remotely like what I imagine contractions to feel like. Getting a bit down and impatient. Anyone else been through something similar?

Thank you

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I'm currently in hospital with pre-eclampsia. But The lady in opposite bed to me came in on Tuesday as her waters had broken (she was 32w 4d). She basically had no contractions until Friday night, then they stopped. The midwives weren't showing her much attention after that. But, She gave birth yesterday morning opposite me!! It was over in less than 10 mins, midwives were shocked !!!

My own consultant has told me that if my waters go. & labour hasn't progressed with 24 hrs then need to be induced or c-section because risk of infection to baby as there isn't the protection of the fluids and membranes. That's not because of pre-eclampsia but safety to baby. Good luck x


for me the period like pain progressed to contractions (although my waters never broke, they broke it in hospital and I was in for a 20 hrs labour in all).

Maybe dont think about it and let your mind and body just prepare for the coming arrival.

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Hi, hope you are ok and have managed to get some sleep....like manu29 my waters never broke with my son I had the broken for me in hospital but my 1st contraction was like period cramp that got worse. Just make sure you keep getting checked now your waters have gone as you and baby are prone to infection, Wishing you all the best for you and your baby x

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I had waters break when I was 37+4 at 0230am, I had my first contractions at 0500am every 3-2 minutes apart. Baby was born at 11 30am. May be your little one is preparing for their debut and are letting you get ready as well.


Hi, with my first pregnancy, my waters broke on due date and for the next 12-15 hours nothing, then early hours of morning started getting period pain contractions but they were very drawn out! Hospital would not take me in the next day, as they stated my contractions were not regular. They were going 7, 3, 5, 6, 2 mins apart far from regular. Eventually sent a midwife and I was 7 cm dilated, off to hospital I went. Contractions then stopped early evening and ended up having hormone drip given. I had approx. 3 hours of pushing as baby did not want to come out. In total it too just over 36 hours and a very exhausted mum.

Now waiting for my 2nd baby to go in labour, hoping it will be less than 36 hours!!!!

Good luck!


Thank you for your replies. I was monitored by my midwife over the weekend and tried everything to start off contractions but nothing happened. Got induced on Monday morning and my body had an overreaction to the pessary, went from no contractions to 6 every 10 mins in the space of 2 hours! They tried to slow down the effects but it didn't work. I was also in a pre-labour ward so all they would give me was paracetamol! I was eventually moved to labour ward after 7 hours. During labour my blood pressure and heart rate and baby's heart rate started to play up, turned out the waiting to go into labour naturally had led to us both having an infection. My baby was delivered by Caesarian section at 00:50 on Tuesday. He is a gorgeous baby boy and after two days in Neonatal and several more in the ward we returned home on Sunday as a happy, healthy family. It wasn't quite the natural, water birth I had planned but he is worth every second.


Congrats! All that matters is baby is here finally & is healthy & happy. All the best xx


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