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10 Weeks & Bleeding Heavy.

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Okay so the last time I spotted was July 14Th to July 18th. Everything was nice my breats recently started getting soar & larger. On August 13th I woke up & saw blood but not so much, the next day it got heavier & i saw lines of black tissue in my blood, but the blood was dark red & seemed to be mixed with mucous it seemed.. I cramped that day so I toke a warm bath & i felt much better. Sadly today the 15th I'm bleeding even heavier & I toke a test & it was still negative... I'm going to the doctors now on monday because either way somethings causing me to bleed horrifying amounts of blood its only 5pm & i've used 1 long pad a little one & i've bled on a big one again.. I'm really scared because I get little cramps & this has never happened to me. I'm very emotional just the thought of it makes me full on cry. Please any advice is this happening to anyone else

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You can and should see someone sooner. This may be possible if there is an early pregnancy assessment unit at your local hospital. You can go to a&e and they can refer you.

There are a number of things that can cause bleeding, and all bleeding should be investigated. Take the pads with you too so they can see what has been happening.

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The only thing is I havent gotten a positive result, I'm been using the cheapest tests I dont know if it's the tests or not. But I'm really scared. I'll just have to see if this is just a heavy period or if there's something else wrong if its a miscarriage would that mean my baby passed a while back? ): my breasts are still soar I still feel like before I'm just worried, I'm also extremely emotional/ sensitive.

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I am not an expert I just don't know, false negative results do happen. I'm not sure how they will proceed if you haven't had a positive result.

My instinct is still go see someone especially if you are worried about how much you are bleeding.

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I'm suppose to on Monday, I just don't feel pregnant anymore. I feel sad, Like I look at myself & I say I could be, but at the same time I feel depressed. I noticed tge bleeding has slowed down a bit.

I used a cheap pregnancy test when I was pregnant with my son . It was pregnant both times

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I've used the dollar ones & the cheapest walmart ones. & they've ALL been negative. I didnt get my period for July. I missed it & didnt bleed until august. I'm bleeding now & it seems like a period but it's different to me. I dont get clots like my period does, & the blood is very dark at first then light as i wipe myself.. I have some tissue in my blood but whats weird is its thick (mucus like) creamy blood.. Is that normal?

Sorry hun for the late reply, I fell asleep lol. If you are getting blood clots you should hospital ASAP. You are losing a lot of blood. You need medical attention. Th hospital will be able to tell you why. Like mrsb79 said take a pad with you to show them.

Whether the test is right or wrong, I don't think its a good idea to wait until Monday to get your self checked if there is a lot of bleeding. Either go to the hospital, or call 111 to get an out of hours gp . you sound very concerned, and the stress alone over the weekend will bmake it more difficult. Good luck, I hope everything is OK,.

Sorry, I fell asleep too, with the time difference it was after 11pm here. I didn't realise you were in the USA. Most of us are in the UK. I really have no idea how the antenatal care works where you are and what your insurance covers, but bleeding should not be ignored. Please go to the ER for your own we'll being. And take all the pads you have used.

Even if you were having a mc your pregnancy test would still show positive up until about 8 weeks after the bleed as the hormone levels are still detected. I would be ringing the docs on Monday and asking them to refer you for an internal scan to see whats going on. You might have a cyst on your ovaries which is causing you to bleed abnormal. Good luck.

If I remember rightly, you've not had a positive test result and you've bled around every 28 days?? Is this correct?

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Not exactly i've spotted & then no period since June

OK, let's see if we can sort this out together. I've looked over your past posts since you joined in July to see if there is a pattern.

Bleeding started on 3rd June.

Bleeding started on 28th June.

Bleeding started on 15th July.

Bleeding started on 13th August.

I've put these dates into a ovulation calculator that aproximates that you have a 24 day cycle.

The bleeding is light to very heavy. I'm not sure how old you are but if you are young and/or very stressed this can have an impact on your periods - besides there being any underlying medical issues - so don't panic until you've seen the doctor to check this out.

You mention that you don't want to get pregnant but are having unprotected sex. If this is the case you should also discuss your contraception options with the Dr when you see him/her. Many of the types available will reduce your bleeding and make your periods more regular and also this will remove the monthly mental anguish of thinking you are pregnant without actually having prepared properly for motherhood.

You also mention that all of your pregnancy tests have been negative and you are bleeding - these two factors are pretty good indicators that you are not pregnant. I am a little worried that in light of this you are upsetting yourself thinking that you are miscarrying. There are a lot of women on this site you have miscarried and it is not something anyone wants to go through. To help you cope with this ongoing anguish I would recommend you speak to a cherished female friend who has been through pregnancy and ask for support from your Dr. If you don't want to get pregnant and you don't have stability - both financial and emotional I'd hope that you would try to be less wreckless with your body. You are bright and caring. Respect yourself first and it will be a lot easier to respect the process of motherhood. Take some time out and get clear about what you really want. This will help you plan your future properly and take away this constant anguish which must be upsetting you. I've been lost too. We understand. Just take little steps to clarify what is going on. It's time.

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