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Help Brest 2 bottle quick!

My dd is 7 months old and I've exclusively breast feed till now. Weaning is going well. I've attempt several times to intruduce formula with no success. Yesterday I got offered a great job but I start training today. I'm so excited as its something I was aspiring towards before I feel pregnant. This is a one off offer start now or miss the boat. OH has been great and is right behind me dropping everything to look after dd so I can do this. How can I get dd on the bottle quick, I've got this week of five hour days then full time next week. Any advice very welcome !!!!!!

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Our information on introducing formula milk may be useful to you:


Congratulations on the new job!

I haven't been in this situation, so sorry if I'm useless... When you say she's tried formula, do you think it's the milk or the bottle itself that she doesn't like? It might be worth expressing milk, or using a cup that your partner can help her to use? X


I breastfed till 8months and I went bk to work, and there were days when he had 3oz frm a bottle all day as I do 12-14 hrs shifts, I think it helped tht it was his grandparents doing it and just the constant trying but now hes fine but it will be hard but I just left and kinda went cold turkey and in a week I stopped, have u any expressed milk u can use in a bottle, x


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