i need to know if i could be pregnate and what to do

hi i had sex in April after i had menstruate . after i had sex i took some antibiotics two weeks straight but spotted 5 days after intercourse. since April 23 i haven't menstruated up to today. at exact 3 weeks and half, i started vomiting and bad taste, hungry, tired, low back pain , pain in my breast. i went to the hospital June and they did urine and blood but said negative. i continued to have pregnancy symptoms and its two month i haven't menstruated. could i still be pregnant although the test was negative in June.

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It is still only almost the third week in June so if it's recently said negative I don't think it will have changed much especially if intercourse happened in April


If a hospital has confirmed it negative you should go and see your doctor. They can help you more than we can

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