My baby is now 9.5 months old and is running a fever of 38.5. What to do?

. I called 111 and they suggested to give nurofen in addition to the calpol i gave her. it has been more than 45 min ago and her temp is now 38.4. She is sleeping and doesn't show any sign of distress. Do i leave her to sleep. should i wake her up to give her calpol in 3-4 hrs if her temp is still that high?

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  • If she is dressed lightly I would see how she is in a few hours giving the drugs time to work and take it again whilst she is sleeping then decide what to do.

    Hope she's ok.

  • I'd leave her if she seemed fine despite the temperature when you put her down, but check now and then and wake her only if she gets any hotter. Sometimes a good night's sleep helps as well as meds... But as I said, I'd keep an eye on her. Hope she'll get better soon! Xxx

  • Yes keep an eye on her temp. .. I would check it when she is due for the next dose and give her some more. .. Did u give the nurofen as well and it's still 38.5? If so I'd give 111 another call. .. my son had a temp and the medicine didnt bring it down and he was very sleepy so I took him to harmony and he was then admitted to hosp... even under a fan his temp was high.... They also watch their breathing if it's fast it's because they are not well. . But 24 hours later he was back to normal! They didn't know what was wrong it was viral??

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