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Wondering if I'm pregnant again??


Hi I've recently had a baby shes about 4 months and I've recently started the pill 2 months ago only this month my period was light and was delayed a few days not 2 mention usually I bleed heavy so thia is extremely strange 4 me me and my partner have only just started having unprotective sex as well is there a possibility I could be pregnant again??

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Yes! - quite frankley,

I'm sure you're aware since giving birth 4 months ago that having unprotected sex can maximize your chances of becoming pregnant so if you don't mind your children being very close in ages a congratulations may be in order.


Wait a second... Are you still on the pill? You state you are taking the pill but have had started having unprotected sex? Do you mean you are on the pill but not using a condom?

If you ARE still taking the pill and have started having sex again then chances are it is just your hormones that are affected by the pill that can cause irregular periods.

However, if you stopped taking the pill then chances are pretty high you could be pregnant again so it would be best to take a test if you are unsure.

Either or you could speak with your GP

I second this advice too . Your very fertile after giving birth . The pill takes time to settle down. Defiantly go take a test. All the best

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